BTC: Latest Trends 0

BTC is a slave to trends. This is true for most assets of most asset classes, but it never ceases to amaze me just how many trends there are! I

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Thar she blows 0

In yesterday’s post I remarked that a breakout through the lower wall of the current channel would lead to BTC

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I’m sticking with “BTC to $3k” – for now 0

The last few days have confirmed my fortnight old predictions of BTC heading to $3200.

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A Miner Inconvenience 0

Spare a thought for the crypto miners Mining profitability is too terrible for words. Hashrate is dropping through the floor as the Total Miners Revenue continues to fall. It’s one thing to say that “Total Miners Revenue is not so

Buy nance 0

I strongly recommend that if you want any BNB, then you buy it now.

I need YOUR advice please 1

My history of crypto portfolio tracking is a long and complicated one When I first started dabbling in more than just one or two altcoins, I created an Excel spreadsheet to track my portfolio. The early spreadsheets look very funny

BTC: Latest trends – Part 3 0

I have written a bit about BTC trends recently Two days ago I discussed where BTC was headed at the time (upwards), while cautioning that I still expected it to drop again. Yesterday I discussed trends in BTC dominance and

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