Word on the street is… 0

“I think that this is realistic. I think that the sideways believers will accept this and (more importantly) also adapt their thinking to this after a few months of going sideways.”

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Ripple – we need to talk : Part 3 0

“Just don’t try to call your XRP a “cryptocurrency” in front of me. That’s like calling Lucifer an angel – technically correct, but absolutely wrong in reality.”

Ripple – we need to talk : Part 2 0

Yesterday I started to voice some concerns that I have about Ripple in the post: “Ripple – we need to

Ripple – we need to talk 0

“Remember why cryptocurrencies came into being in the first place. Remember that Satoshi Nakamoto kicked Bitcoin off in the wake of a major global financial crisis caused by greedy banks loaning too much. Remember what Bitcoin was designed to fight and what it is meant to replace.

Do you still think that Ripple is a cryptocurrency?”

Bitcoin Long-term (31 Jan) 0

“There will be lots of ups and downs for the next few months – standby for an emotional roller-coaster of false hope and frustrations!”

Bitcoin ventriloquism 0

“By this means (fractional reserve banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.”

~ John Maynard Keynes

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CargoX – if you haven’t heard of it – you need to read this! 0

I haven’t done a CargoX post since I posted this one from my phone while on vacation in early January. It took me quite a while to remember that I

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Bitcoin – Fib levels 1

“I am getting a lot of independent data which is pointing to the same conclusions.”

“Either there are multiple rather large coincidences occurring – simultaneously – or I’m right.”

BTC – Trade the channel 0

“Hear me clearly when I say this: BTC is not using horizontal support and resistance levels at the moment; it is using diagonal ones.”

4th of July fireworks? 0

I swear that date is coincidental – though I’ll be that first to admit that it is conveniently useful! First things first I’m laying my bull flag theory to rest. It was nice while it lasted, but that “flag” has

BTT and the anatomy of an ICO 0

“If you hold BTT right now then my suggestion (for now) is a firm “Sell”, you can always rebuy the coming dip. but before you do that, make sure you know enough about BTT…”

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No Kevin, Bitcoin will NOT bite the dust – Part 2 0

“Because of this I declare Kevin’s statement that “Bitcoin is a natural monopoly” to be demonstrably false.”

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No Kevin, Bitcoin will NOT bite the dust 0

“Fighting back my instincts to engage in name-calling ad hominem attacks against Kevin and just to dismiss his article as the narrow-minded and uninformed piece that I consider it to be, I will instead dismantle and counter the main thrust of his two arguments.”

Crypto Shopping Cart – 12 January 0

“The time to buy is now, I have said it often, it’s only getting more and more true as time

BTC – 10 Jan 0

“Based on a generally positive trend, the recent bounce off $3760 and the short-term Fib levels, I foresee the scenario below: BTC rising to the 0.618 Fib level at $3880”

Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018 0

“This is cutting edge Bit Brain hypothesising at its best – not to be missed!”

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To CAPITULATE or NOT to CAPITULATE? That is the question. – Part 2(b): (The rest of) The Answer 0

This is a direct continuation of “To CAPITULATE or NOT to CAPITULATE? That is the question. – Part 2: The Answer” and the conclusion of this series. At least for

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To CAPITULATE or NOT to CAPITULATE? That is the question. – Part 2: The Answer 0

“Of great significance to this post, remembering it is about capitulation, is that this point on the 2014 MA occurred after the market had bottomed – after the capitulation was complete.”

“The RSI shows only two brief occasions where BTC was “oversold” on the week chart, the first was during the 2014 capitulation event, and the second occurred two weeks ago and is now over!”

To CAPITULATE or NOT to CAPITULATE? That is the question. – Part 1: The Question 0

“With the predicted window for the crypto capitulation “bounce” rapidly closing, I am starting to entertain legitimate doubt with regard to the predicted capitulation event. I am increasingly growing fond of the “Capitulation already happened and most people missed it” scenario”

Crypto Concerns 0

“Read this post to avoid the pitfalls.”


CAPITULATION is still the word on everyone’s lips in the crypto world When will it be? How low will it

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