Crypto Shopping Cart – 12 January

Crypto Shopping Cart – 12 January
January 12 21:45 2019

“The time to buy is now, I have said it often, it’s only getting more and more true as time passes.”

That was the opening line of my shopping cart post of 11 December. It’s still valid – only now even more so.

Whether you take action on my recommendations or not is of no consequence to me: I share my thoughts because I want you to make profitable investments, but I’m not forcing anybody.

What I am doing is taking my own advice and leading by example. I’m putting every last cent that I can afford to into crypto. This is difficult, I don’t have any fiat available, but I’m continuing to watch the markets and to trade small bit of crypto for other crypto. I sold LTC recently, giving me a few dollars to play with (and by “a few” I mean “very few”!), I sold a little STEEM I made blogging and I scrounged around a bit for the proverbial change hidden in the sofa.

Once again I must reiterate how astonishingly cheap some altcoins are! The Market Caps of some really good projects are laughable low, literally laughable! (And no, I never say “literally” when I mean “figuratively”!) You’ll see what I mean a bit later on.


Crypto Shopping Cart – 12 January

What’s in the cart?

  • DeepBrain Chain
  • KuCoin Shares
  • Aphelion

Funding the buys

It is exceedingly important to buy now, it doesn’t matter if the market dips lower. If it does dip significantly lower than just buy even more! You can not miss these altcoin prices!

I have already mentioned that I used some of my STEEM to find this round of buying and that I sold off my LTC. (I have nothing against LTC, it just lacks good long-term ROI potential because of its relatively high market cap. I also had so little of it that it wasn’t worth holding. My now dead BTC mine used to pay in LTC; when the mine died a final little LTC trickle rolled in, that was all I had.)

In addition to what I mentioned above, I still have a very small Ethereum cloud mine paying me in ETC (Ethereum Classic). I sold that off too (not a great time for a sell with rumours of 51% attacks on the ETC chain flying around – but I got a fair price for it under the circumstances).

Here is the most important sale that I used to fund my buying: this is the one I want to highlight. It’s not important because it is the biggest, it’s important because it must be the single smallest crypto trade that I’ve ever done (apart from dusting micro-balances into BNB on Binance). Why did I do such a small trade? Simple. Because prices are so ridiculously low that every cent counts! Don’t believe me? Read on…

This is me turning $0.56 of old USDT rewards I earned on KuCoin into BTC. That’s right. I traded 56 cents into BTC! 😮 That BTC was used to help fund this round of buying.

Why bother? (What did I buy and why?)

DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

I don’t hold enough DBC. At current prices I realised that I could change that. I can’t afford as much as I would like, but I can at least make what I have worth holding. That’s exactly what I did yesterday. I increased my DBC holdings by over 1000%. It cost me very little. With a market cap of just over $2 million, it really doesn’t take much to build up a decent amount of DBC.

Decentralised computing is the future, I should know, I’m a futurist remember? I know computers, I know networking. Believe me when I tell you that a world that runs on AI and Quantum Processors is a world in which projects like DeepBrain Chain will thrive! I hold a little Golem (GNT) too in order to hedge my bets, but DBC has the edge in my opinion. Because…

  • It’s a NEO token – my favourite blockchain for myriad reasons.
  • It’s Chinese. 1 400 000 000 people + massive economy + an emerging market + a technology culture + government support in favour of computing = a massive win for DBC.

KuCoin Shares (KCS)

The native tokens of my favourite exchange. KuCoin is as underrated as it is good. I have already bought BNB (Binance Coin) recently (as seen in my last “Shopping Cart” post – a great token which I am very confident in investing in.


The Market Cap of BNB is 17 times that of Kucoin!
Fair enough, they are not directly comparable. Binance is one of the very largest exchanges and has aspirations of launching a native blockchain. But KCS has far more room for growth (i.e. potential ROI) and a very good team with which to achieve that growth. It’s a good idea to buy some of the relatively cheap KCS in CMC position 73 as well as BNB in position 13. Remember: diversification spreads risk and maximises opportunities to find “Mooning” coins!

I added about 10% onto my KCS holdings.

Aphelion (APH)

Still feeling the after-shocks of a regulation based price drop last year, Aphelion has returned this January – with an up-and-running fully compliant DEX running on the NEO blockchain!

The already undervalued token, in a generally undervalued market has been further driven down in price by the regulation issue and has not fully recovered.


So what you have here is a fully functional and regulation compliant DEX operating well, with a native token that has a market cap of less than $750 000!

I don’t care if you don’t buy low market cap coins. I don’t care if you are risk averse. If you don’t throw just 5 bucks into Aphelion – even if you believe it is a long shot – then you are just being plain stupid and shooting yourself in the foot!

Bit Brain has spoken.

Oh, and that 56 cents I mentioned earlier? It’s 37 Aphelion tokens now. Those will probably never be worth a fortune on their own, but they will probably be worth far more than that 56 cents will be in a few years time!

Yours in affordable crypto

Bit Brain

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