Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018

Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018
January 02 20:27 2019

2018 is over and that means that it’s time for me to publish my final “Index” post of 2018 posts.

For those new to the awesome Bit Brain blog; I publish a monthly index of my posts from the past 30 days or so. It gives you an idea of what I wrote, lets you visit any gems which you may have missed and best of all: has a series of links that should make it easy enough to go back in time to find any of my posts.

I haven’t done Index posts for the last quarter of 2018, mainly because many of my posts were BTC TA (times were interesting!), which is not really something worth indexing as it is too dynamic. Also, every time I was about to do one, something more interesting would crop up and I’d blog about that instead. So this post will be an index of the last quarter, and unlike the normal ones, the BTC TA posts or obsolete posts will be largely excluded in favour of the posts with a longer shelf-life.

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The previous Index posts of 2018 are linked here for your perusing pleasure:

Index Part 1 can be found here. There is a lot of valuable information in it, like my series on understanding crypto vs fiat money and the battle between them, or the post where how I explained the importance of being realistic and how you aren’t realistic, even though you may think you are.

Part 2 can be found here. Part 2 features highlights such as me telling you exactly which coins to buy, a lot of trying to guess what the market would do next, a picture of a bird, a poem, the worldwide début of my idea for an optimal system of government – the Blockchain based Electronic Direct Democracy (BEDD) and why Buffett has a distorted and incorrect view of crypto.

Part 3 can be found here. This part contains a great “Best Of” post that links to all my greatest (older) posts, it describes the best types of cryptos to buy, I list ALL the coins I hold (over three posts – it’s along list!), discuss people who shill their coins, finally carried on with the next part of my “Diversify” series, finally did my promised post about KuCoin exchange (the best exchange there is), spoke quite a bit about BTC dominance, covered the difficulties with mining in a bear market and of course many other topics.

Part 4 can be found here. More great gems like how much to invest in each coin, how altcoins behave as BTC superchargers, my take on crypto regulations, brilliant posts that debunk mass produced TA as well as so-called crypto “experts”, some good NEO information, a song, some really good resteems, a post about how to get attention drawn to your own posts, I tell you how to use your STEEM/SBD etc, I wrote the most technically challenging post I have written so far: a two sided take on Stellar Lumens, a brilliant series about buying ultra-low market cap coins, an update on my long-term bot experiment and many solid predictions (and some not-so-solid ones too).

Part 5 can be found here. It contains highlights such as a fantastic three part series about gaming cryptos. BTC analysis in the long, medium and short-term. A “Spotlight” post on LOCIcoin, a great bargain in the crypto world (I was seriously considering buying more today, but I chose CargoX instead due to their news about new partnerships this week). I debuted a technique I call “Sparkline Analysis”. Speaking of CargoX, I did some TA with it and also a post discussing its token economics. I looked at how BTC is becoming a legitimate substitute for gold in troubled times and, speaking of gold, I said a very sad farewell to my golden retriever. 😥

Part 6 can be found here. It contains plenty of TA, a recommendation to start buying ICOs again (probably a far better idea now than when I wrote it – just remember; good ICOS only!), why I don’t like Dogecoin, a few posts giving information about lucrative Vice Industry Token (not a shill, I never shill – I have now made over 60x in VIT tokens what I put into it – no exaggeration!) and a look at Genesis cloud mining.

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Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018

~ DEXs : musings ~

  • A post about, you guessed it, DEXs. My thoughts on them. I know stuff and I’m really clever – so read it.

Stock market indices, bubbles, crypto and one crazy economist – a post series (my series posts are normally fantastic – just sayin’) about the ranting of “economist” Nouriel Roubini. I think that the only thing he is economical with is the truth!

Binance fiat, unattractive Cardano and a BTC breakout in the right direction

  • Ignore the BTC part, but the Cardano and Binance parts are very interesting! (Alarmingly – as I recently found out – Some people still don’t know about the Cardano issues!)

Crypto Laws of Bit Brain

  • Press Ctrl+D, touch the little star on your phone or do whatever you need to do to bookmark this one. It’s my Bit Brain Crypto Laws – you need to remember these!

Crypto Privacy: Email addresses and correspondence

  • An important look at keeping your crypto private. I show some statistics and incidents that may shock those who don’t keep track of these things. Very importantly, I introduce you to the best secure email service available. (Yes, I know it’s not the email from my Bit Brain profile, but there is a very good reason for that and I do use the service for other things).

What a scam post looks like

  • Want to see what a scammer looks like on Facebook? I show you.

🚩 Important Crypto News! 📋

  • VERY important news about the legality of crypto in China (and the misperceptions surrounding it.)


  • The sad tale of an absolute ****head called Bruno Block – the owner of cryptocurrency Oyster Protocol – and what he did to the holders of that crpto. Bruno has earned himself a place on my coveted “List of people whom I will physically assault if I ever run into them”.
  • But good news! The CEO of Oyster Protocol was a good guy who didn’t have anything to do with Bruno and his scam. He and his team have minted and airdropped a new token to the holders of legitimate Oyster Protocol tokens. It’s called Opacity (OPQ) and it is fulfilling the same function as the old Oyster Pearl tokens did. I’m not sure about the future of the old Oyster Shell utility tokens or and successors to them – that’s still a bit of a grey area (or perhaps I’m not fully up to date on the issue).

Buy it while you can: UTrust

  • A look at a cryptocurrency which I consider to be highly undervalued (even more so than the others) and which should have a fantastic future.

Who won the IRU World Congress Startup Competition? (A Bit Brain question and answer session.)

  • News about my favourite low-market cap crypto: CargoX – and the great strides that it has been making.

Analysis of an analysis: The IMF trying to stop The Marshall Islands from adopting cryptocurrencies

  • Picking a not-so-great article apart and adding value to it by looking at the real facts.
  • It’s about the IMF attempting to dictate to a sovereign government what currencies it may and may not issue. (Crazy, isn’t it?)

Analysis of an analysis: Part 2 – the “Why?”

  • Not originally intended to be a series, but building on the previous post.
  • I explain why the IMF is doing what it is doing.

I made an error

  • PC hardware woes – a graphics card that is no longer with us. This made by blogging very challenging for a while!

I need YOUR advice please

  • Problems with tracking my portfolio after coinmarketcap changed their API.
  • I’m now using Google Sheets with the excellent @coingecko API (as suggested by @newageinv – thank you) and it’s working beautifully and much faster than before.

Buy nance

  • I suggest investing in Binance – for very good reasons!
  • Those suggestions still firmly stand!

A Miner Inconvenience

  • Looking at crypto mining in the current market, focusing the profitability (or lack thereof) and hashrate.

Crypto shopping cart – 11 December

  • Which cryptos I bought on 11 December.

The time to CAPITULATE is NOW!

  • I’ve written a lot about capitulation over the last month – this was an interesting one based on long-term TA.

Burning the candle at both ends

  • Problems with using TA for cryptocurrencies, especially using candle patterns.


  • Now it gets interesting! Does crypto need to capitulate? We look at the facts.

Crypto concerns

  • A few worries I have about the current crypto market.

To CAPITULATE or NOT to CAPITULATE? That is the question.

Another series – all about capitulation. Even after the previous two capitulation themed posts, much had still to be said. These posts say them. This is cutting edge Bit Brain hypothesising at its best – not to be missed!

Bitcoin signals teatime

  • This one is still extremely relevant. I missed the fact that the handle was really still forming when I wrote this post. However, that changes nothing, the cup and handle situation is currently playing itself out. Expect a BTC price rise of unknown duration.

THEKEY to Crypto

  • Have you looked at THEKEY recently? Have you looked at its future in terms of what it is, where it is, and what it may become? You should. Read this to give yourself a head start.

And that, as they say, is that! All my 2018 posts wrapped up and linked thorough this one post. Nice and easy!

I’m looking forward to writing many posts in 2019. Hopefully the market will pick up (my guess is during the second quarter – we shall see).

Keep an eye on old Bit Brain, he may just have a good crypto suggestion or two for you! 😉

Note: Bit Brain will be away for a few days and will not be posting during that time. Fear not, I shall return!

Yours in 2019 crypto

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