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Hi, I’m Bit Brain.

I am here to help you.

Within the realm of reason, you can ask me anything crypto related. If I can’t help you, then I will tell you. I have a lot of crypto knowledge, knowledge I am making available to you. How you choose to use my knowledge and expertise is up to you. I suggest the following.

  • Let me proof read your paper. It can be a crypto paper (like a whitepaper or ICO documentation) or it can be any paper written in English. My English is very good and I know how to write. I can:
    • correct spelling and grammar only,
    • correct spelling and grammar and also make stylistic and sentence recommendations,
    • help you perform a full rewrite and restructuring of the document so make it clear, consise, readable and to get your message across.
  • Let me write a paper for you. (I won’t work on it late at night 😄)
  • Let me do research for you and compile a report, be it a quick overview or a detailed analysis.
  • Let me do TA for you. You determine the what to analyse and the time period you want looked at. I’ll go an wrestle with the charts and indicators and give you a personalised analysis with probabilities that I consider to be realistic.
  • I can analyse an ICO for you. I’ve invested in many, I know what to look for. Even though I’m careful, some of mine have failed, I’ve learnt the hard way and the easy way. Trust me when I say that ICO investing is hard! Use my experience, or don’t , your choice.
  • Let me do a scam analysis. Scared of scams? You should be. The crypto world has far more scams than non scams. I’ve seen thousands of them! I know the warning signs. I ask me to look at something and I will tell you if I see and scam warning signs (note: sometimes there are no waning signs! – I lost a lot in Envion because of that.) Use this service when someone says “it’s a scam!” and you start to have your doubts. I warned hundreds of people about BitConnect, nobody wanted to listen…
  • Explaining something to you. Want me to explain something to you in simple terms? Maybe you want to know what a blockchain is or how maximum supply affects price. I can tell you in everyday language that will help you to understand.
  • I’ll give you a holistic market picture of the crypto of your choosing. Want to know if your crypto has a strong future, a weak future or no future at all? I’ll look at the crypto, the markets and the world in general and I’ll estimate its chances of success for you.
  • Request a specific blog topic. I’ll research it and write about it on my blog. It won’t have a great level of detail and care, but it will be fairly cheap.
  • Ask me anything. I have answers, a surprising amount of answers on topics you may well not expect a crypto guy to know about. My interests are broad. Try me, I’ll tell you if I can help or not.

I’m more a writer than a programmer, so don’t ask me to write you a smart contract, it will take me about a year and it will probably have large security flaws.

As my little bio says: I’m an autodidact and a polymath. In layman’s terms that means I know a wide variety of things and I’m really good at teaching things to myself things. I don’t just know things, I understand them too, few people can say that.

Now use this big brain of mine to help you!