Thar she blows

Thar she blows
November 30 11:29 2018

In yesterday’s post I remarked that a breakout through the lower wall of the current channel would lead to BTC resuming it’s downward plunge.

That breakout was confirmed this morning and BTC is back on its way down as I type this.

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I would expect it to pause at the previous level of around $3500 before carrying on to new lows as predicted here and here (the two posts have a different prediction of the bottom level: $3000 and $3200 respectively, because I used different methods to determine the bottom prices ).

This confirms the bull trap which I originally discussed here.

Let’s hit this new 2018 ATL so that we can welcome the bulls back!


Yours in crypto


P.S. I know this post format looks a little different to my usual, TIMM has changed to a new platform and I’m still busy finding my way around and experimenting, all while battling with *Ye olde laptop*.





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