Rates headed towards another low… 0

BEFORE RESUMING THE SECULAR UPTREND THAT HAS BEGAN. I have been saying that the multi generational bottom in rates are in since mid 2016. We have had 3 massive inflation

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US Market Weekly Update $NDX $SPX $IWM 0

Well folks, we finally had it. A down week. This is the first down week of the year. We have

A Break Above $4 and a new BULL may have began… $EOS 0

Litecoin has already done it folks, could EOS be next. I am watching the two horizontal lines as support as

Steem Test First Level of Resistance of Many, the big one 0

Steem spikes to above 0.55 overnight and is presently finding trouble at the declining 200 day MA. This is the

Did the Big Boys need a Dip? $BA $DOW 0

Whenever there is panic it is very hard to push out the noise. There is one thing that you should

Holo what? 0

Despite evidence to the contrary, no I did not drop off the face of the Earth after writing my last

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We Now have an ACTUAL PIVOT… $NDX $SPX $DJI 0

Markets are hard, no one truthfully will ever deny that. Bottom line is that you have to have a process and you have to stick with it. After nailing the

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Can Litcoin $LTC be a leader? 0

Of all of the major crypto charts right now, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and EOS, Litcoin is looking the most promising of them all. Many of them are hanging out at the lows from the past couple weeks after the

Can WLS Spike here??? 1.50 is a huge level… 0

WLS is on the move folks. We have broken over 1.00 WLS/BTS and are on the move towards 1.50+. This is going to be a big level and we will get a gauge of how much WLS is actually in

I mentioned yesterday… $LTC Litecoin will lead! 0

Litecoin is rocketing higher after holding above the 200 day MA here this morning. I mentioned yesterday that LTC may be A LEADER. Not THE LEADER, but A LEADER. This morning it is CLEARLY the leader across the crypto board

$EOS Intermediate Analysis 0

If you have followed me you know that I am big on the EOS train. The run up to $26 was real, and the crash and burn dip to $2 is also real. I am scooping up every chance I

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What Do We Know From the Chart? $BTC 0

It has been a grueling 12 months in cryptoland there is no doubt about that. From the top at the end of 2017, you can consistently see lower highs all

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Crypto Rips Higher – $EOS Spikes 17%, $LTC 30%+ 0

Crypto has awoken. About 2 hours ago after slowly creeping higher and higher, crypto has spiked. EOS and LTC are

Is TWTR a Buy Here? 0

TWTR has beaten earnings expectation on the bottom line and met the expectations on the top line, but is coming

WLS has a Bidder on the tape!…Support over 1.00 BTS 0

Whaleshares has a bidder on the tape! WLS is a fork of STEEM and has made some unique changes and

Gartman Alert! “We are LONG of Equities…” 0

Hopefully this becomes a significant pattern of posts that will help everyone on fintwit, TIMM, and steem in the future.

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Did EOS just release the name of its’ Steemit 2.0? $EOS #eos #steem 0

Rumor circulating around that the new social network built on top of the EOS blockchain is going to be called… MEOS Does anyone have ay more information on this and

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What actually matters in the Cryptocurrency Evolution 0

Cryptocurrency is the next internet. Most of us heavily involved, or trying to get heavily involved, in crypto application and

$SPX Weekly Outlook: Neutral to Bearish $QQQ $IWM $DJI 0

The Government is now open – for 3 weeks at least. It took over 30 days for the shutdown to

The US Markets Path Going Forward $SPX $QQQ $IWM 0

The rally off the lows V shaped to new highs over the past 4 weeks. This was quite a V-shaped

Big Momma $AAPL is SO Weak… $SPX $QQQ 0

The market has rallied tremendously off the lows around Christmas and all is back to normal, right? Wrong. The weakness

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