Open Post to All 401k/Investment Market Participants 0

IF you are invested in US assets (or other global assets which have been killed), then this post is for you. Full disclosure, I am 100% cash regarding my US

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Breaking! The US Yield Curve Inversion… 0

I haven’t smelt the smell of Yield Curve inversion in the air in over a decade… The yield curve of

This is your 3rd BIG Selling Opportunity to get out of the Market… 0

Since the End of September (When we sold), this is the 3rd Yuge selling opportunity in this market. Whether you

$FB – If there was a time to INVEST… 0

You know I have been Bearish on Facebook as it has had a puke pattern setup since the Pro Gap

Once Again the FED is Behind the Curve 0

Remember are few weeks ago when everyone was convinced that 4 hikes were happening in the next 12 months??? Yep,

Like a Hangover, All that Cures this is Time… 0

What has happened in crypto land is not necessarily surprising, because it wasn’t to me, it is more annoying, or

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Dow Jones $DJI …And we are ON THE LOWS 0

     Well folks we are on the lows to start the week, down a quick 400+ points to start the morning trade off and climbing lower. I saw the

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The Longterm Bitcoin Buy Zone 0

We are here folks. We have truly entered the buy zone for a number of reasons and a number of indicators I follow which I will lay out some here. Bitcoin has dropped from 19000+ to almost 3000. If you

$SPX Weekly Outlook: Very BEARISH 0

The monster rally that we had last week that was bullish engulfing and had everyone bullish again calling the bottom, is gone.     The past three days we have seen massive distribution across many of the sectors and the

The Crypto Carnage Continues…Blessing in Disguise? 0

I have been a believer in Cryptocurrency since the early days and have called the past two bubbles before the rally and the top. The most recent one being the most significant. Sitting here watching the prices go down really

As Predicted, YIELDS are getting SMOKED here – $TNX 10 Year 2.85% 0

Folks, I am going to be completely honest here. As much as I love being right, I truly enjoy and love getting people out of the way at the right time and getting them back in at a better time

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