My Paper Timeline of Bitcoin in yBitcoin Mag

My Paper Timeline of Bitcoin in yBitcoin Mag
December 12 12:09 2018

Unfortunately I have been unable to read as many books as I would have liked over the past couple years seeing as I have been engulfed with blogging, charting, on screen articles, etc. However yesterday I got this Bitcoin Magazine (paper I know, ironic) and I actually ENJOYED reading through it.

Here is a timeline of bitcoin from the beginning marking major milestones along the way. It’s amazing to actually remember the first bitcoin transaction for 2 pizzas costing 10,000 bitcoins and not just hearing about it on TV or in a history book (or magazine). You can follow the rollercoaster All the way up to parity with Gold last year.

How many of these do you remember? I thoroughly enjoyed reading through yBitcoin because it truly gave me a “snapshot” of what cryptocurrency was at the time of the press printing.

It’s amazing by the time it had hit my hands, things have already drastically changed….


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