All Roads Lead to the End of the Dollar as We Know It Today

All Roads Lead to the End of the Dollar as We Know It Today
January 09 16:11 2019

King Dollar. The World Reserve Currency. The currency that everything is based on, will NOT be the World Reserve in under the next 10 years. You may ask what is my reasoning? Well there are numerous reasons this trend has already began to unfold.

“Besides the fact the Federal Reserve is killing the dollar with QE1, QE2, QE3, QE-Twist, and QE-Forever (soon to be announced lol). Besides the fact that the gold standard which is what the dollar was originally based on no longer exists. Besides the fact that America is no longer the strongest economy in the world and our national debt is out of control.”

“Besides the fact that the dollar has been monthly downtrending since the 80’s and has bounced in 2015-2017 and now rolling over again. Besides the fact that commodities are at record lows again in comparison to the past two inflationary cycles (commodities are priced in dollars now) where when an actual inflationary wave hits the dollar will be obliterated. “

It really comes down to math, numbers, patterns, and cycles. (Crazy I know, that numbers, Pi, and Fibonacci’s all find a way to have a huge impact on global reality) The world reserve currency that we all know today has currently been around for 98 years. If you look a the chart below, you will notice a pattern that has been present for that prior 6 centuries…

Each of the reserve currencies have had a cycle ranging from 80-110 years, with an average of 94 years. This means that the dollar is already long in the tooth in the reserve cycle and if history repeats, or rhymes rather, then the dollar is in for a world of hurt in the coming years.

There are numerous catalysts for this as well, and I am betting one of these will be the nail in the coffin and end of the dollar…


1. China becoming the world reserve

2. Cryptocurrency and tokens becoming adopted on a global scale and becoming the base currency or trade

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