As Predicted, YIELDS are getting SMOKED here – $TNX 10 Year 2.85%

As Predicted, YIELDS are getting SMOKED here – $TNX 10 Year 2.85%
December 06 15:01 2018

Folks, I am going to be completely honest here. As much as I love being right, I truly enjoy and love getting people out of the way at the right time and getting them back in at a better time even more. After being a part of the 3.10+% yield camp for much of late 2017 and early 2018, I switched gears and said that we were coming back down in the 2.7ish% range. You can find all that here  . Since rates peaked above 3.20% there was zero doubt in my mind that were we were coming back down.

The FED has gone too far and too fast in a growth slowing environment where Powell is adamant about raising rates (when there is no inflation) and cutting the balance sheet significantly. This policy has finally raised its head and the market has shown its hand while the Policy Makers sit back behind the curve once again.


This break is NO surprise, and the reason it was so prolonged was everyone thought rates were going to be raised next week and 4 times in 2019., with growth slowing. LMAO. I think it is safe to say that the policy makers and the big boys were wrong (once again) and this once is a win for the ole home team.



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