Big Momma $AAPL is SO Weak… $SPX $QQQ

Big Momma $AAPL is SO Weak… $SPX $QQQ
January 24 00:26 2019

The market has rallied tremendously off the lows around Christmas and all is back to normal, right?


The weakness and rotation in the underlying assets show why this is nothing more than a bounce. The leaders before, that everyone is trying to buy the dip on, have actually just made their first lower low of many I am afraid. Let’s just show you with the most popular stock in the market. Big momma $AAPL. First you will see a chart of SPX and see how far it has rallied.

It is currently sitting  ear the October lows of last year, quite the rebound. Now let’s take a look at $AAPL.

You can see it has only made it back to levels right before SPX made the low at Christmas. This is NOT a good sign for AAPL or any other assets that have looked like this. I am looking for $AAPL to make more lows in the near future.

This is, again, your 4th or 5th chance to sell stocks since September of last year. Do not let the talking heads keep you in when you should not be in downtrends.

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