Buy Low, and Sell High

Buy Low, and Sell High
December 16 15:46 2018

Buy Low. Sell High. That is the name of the game.

     There are so many times where the public and retail joe gets pushed into this stocks and assets causing them to chase now only to get burned at a much later date. The media outlets push an agenda and will do anything for clicks and views to make them money. I am going to use AAPL as a prime example.

     In late 2016, the media and analysts of the “Old Wall” Wall Street has all but written off AAPL and Tim Cook as a growing and valuable company. The belief that AAPL was now stagnant was everywhere, EXCEPT for on the charts.

     I wrote above that I disagreed heavily at this time and this was when I turned mega bullish after Trump got elected. This broke the market higher and AAPL was a clear leader. They did exactly what I thought and used that monster mountain of cash to help themselves.

     Look on the chart below, right at the arrow is where I made this recommendation. You can see that my target was well short of the top at $230, but you can also see NOW that the $160 target is right around where AAPL is trading today.

     AAPL had a blow off type move above the $200 level and THAT is where the media and financial pundits were shoving AAPL down every listener’s throat daily. You can see how WRONG the media outlets were with both of these outcomes and this is a very normal occurrence in the  financial TV and news industry. They do not know what they are talking about more times than not and the fact that no one is really weary about current market conditions shows that.

     I did not know exactly when it would end, but looking at the chart you should not have bee buying 200+ by any means. This has caused a lot of investors some heartache and not that everyone is in, who is left to buy? An obouvs downside target is the 200 week MA down around 140ish, where this has held multiple times in the past.

Remember, things go up and things go down…


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