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Silver is the Key to Gold $SLV $GLD $SIL 0

Following up to my $GLD post earlier today I want to touch on silver. Silver is a riskier asset which usually leads Gold (up and down) and outperform gold (up

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Has Gold Finally Made the Long Awaited Bullish Turn? $GLD $GDX $NUGT 0

After almost a decade of waiting, has Gold finally made the turn? Gold has been in a bear market since topping before 2012 and has done noting but CHOPPED everyone

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Bullish or Bearish and Would you buy this??? 0

I am not going to tell you what the asset and then possibly this will spark some conversation where I will then reveal it. Give me your honest opinion about

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The 48 hours after the decision is what counts… 0

Now that Fed Day is over we can actually find some consistent price action and see how people are leveraged and not try and guess what the algos are going

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Gold and the Dollar, a complete toss up. 0

One thing is almost certain tomorrow afternoon, and that is the Federal Reserve is going to raise rates yet again and likely forecast more for 2019 (why? I am not

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