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@Steemit is Powering Down…Everything…Longterm GREAT THING $STEEM #crypto 0

Well folks, I believe the time of Make it or Break It may not be upon us in the Steem ecosystem. @Steemit has decided to start its’ power down of

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The Gold Trade $GLD $GDX $SLV $NUGT 0

Gold has been absolutely DESTROYED over the past couple years, and quite frankly been a big, fat, waste of mental capital. Well the wind and times may be changing for

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Have Investors Been Bird Boxed? Open Your Eyes! $SPX $IWM $GDX $TLT $GLD 0

The lack of emotion and worry in the market today is insane. There are so many investors and talking heads that are so sure the market bottom has been made

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Let’s Talk some #Bitcoin $BTC #crypto #blockchain 0

Bitcoin has been relatively out of the news for the last quarter of 2018 considering the year long bear market it has been in since January. Due to the US

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