Do not look past Powell’s Policy Mistakes $TNX $TLT $GLD $SPX

Do not look past Powell’s Policy Mistakes $TNX $TLT $GLD $SPX
January 04 21:48 2019

Fed Chair Powell came out this morning and boosted the market on top of the HUGE Job Number of 300+k jobs. The market is rallying big time up 3+% currently.

Do not look past the TWO policy mistakes the Fed Chair madenin 2018. It is very clear that those impacts have caused Mr Market to react the way it did in Q4. The trimming of the balance sheet and raising rates in a slowing growth environment WAS NOT the right decision. Presently the market has gotten killed and Powell said some words to lift it off the mat. If you disagree with this assessment then explain this…

Why are bonds ripping to new highs?

Why are yields getting killed when rates are raised?

Why are metals ripping to highs?

Why is the market even remotely pricing in a RATE CUT this year?

This is a textbook Bear Market Rally to get everyone bullish again. Don’t fall for it.

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