Monday Morning QBs called it a Bubble…DUH

Monday Morning QBs called it a Bubble…DUH
December 12 02:52 2018

The hindsight financial analysts are out and about the past 48 hours claiming victory about how Bitcoin and Crypto was a bubble and “they were right”. How quickly do they truly forget the past.

Bitcoin had a bubble to $5, then to $30, then to $200, then to $1200, then to $20000, and they truly believe that it still is “too good to be true”. A bunch of old guys that don’t understand technology is what is true. Bubbles pop, crypto veterans know this.

Markets form bubbles across all asset classes and crypto is clearly no different. Below you will see a classic Eiffel Tower pattern, almost complete now, that shows the run up in Ethereum.

We have entered the buy zone in All Crypto assets that have a product and contribute value in blockchain technology.

Keep accumuluating my friends, for you will be awarded 10x the amount from the last peak of the patterns repeat itself for the 7th time!

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