We Nailed It Boys! (And girls)

We Nailed It Boys! (And girls)
December 22 17:22 2018

Folks I take pride in getting people in at the right time, and getting people out at the right time. And this time, I nailed it.

I was in complete cash for the entire Q4 and I even wrote this open post to readers and investors over 300 handles higher in the SPX https://mentormarket.io/heyimsnuffles/open-post-to-all-401k-investment-market-participants/

I am not sure how much more I could have done. I am sitting in cash and quite frankly, enjoying the holidays. Most people will be enjoying the holidays until they get their quarterly statements; 2019 is going to turn sour real quick when they see their gains from Q1-Q2 of 2018 turn into double digit losses.

I actually saw people out and about buying Thursday and Friday, and I actually thought we may intermediate bottom Thursday, then there were no buyers and more lows. This is like picking up pennies in front of a steam roller. WE HAVE NOT BOTTOMED!!

Check out the arrows folks. This is a VERY good representation of where we likely are in this cycle. We will have some of the fiercest rallies many of those have never seen before (those entering the work force in the last 10 years have NEVER seen this before unless they love crypto 🙂 haha) because the largest rallies come in BEAR MARKETS. We now have a declining 200 day MA, and many HUGE levels of resistance above. The majority of investors missed this one folks, if you were on my side, you nailed it.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Are we going to bounce? Yes.

Am I going to try and bounce them? Yes.

Is anything I put on in these next 6 months a long term position besides crypto? 100% No.

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