What Do We Know From the Chart? $BTC

What Do We Know From the Chart? $BTC
February 09 15:40 2019

It has been a grueling 12 months in cryptoland there is no doubt about that. From the top at the end of 2017, you can consistently see lower highs all the way down the chart below. IN FACT, there was NEVER a time that that a higher low even presented itself to me that was “Worth” buying…until now.

After price was pressed down against the 5800 level multiple times, it was only time until it broke. Now that the puke has happened it is then over the past month or so that we should be “watching”. I know you are wondering what we should be watching for? Well…

1. CNBC has stopped covering cryptocurrency, that is a good sign

2. Higher low – Have we gotten one on volume? not until yesterday.

3. Igniting bar with buyers that will take control.

Is this the bottom? It is WAY to early to even tell. Is this A Bottom? It is very possible. Any trader, investor, buyer, etc. now has a DEFINED bottom to buy against and that is 3333ish.

This is a great opportunity to start piling more in as the risk/reward favors the BULLS HERE! Keep Accumulating!

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