Software is the Key to IoT Security and Guess What? Blockchain can Help !

Software is the Key to IoT Security and Guess What? Blockchain can Help !
February 01 16:50 2019

Leading Blockchain Integration With IoT Devices for Enhanced Security (Forbes)

  • A recent study conducted by digital security firm Gemalto found that only 48% of IoT companies can accurately detect if their devices had experienced a breach, while 59% of respondents are uncertain as to who is responsible for their IoT security.
  • Issues such as undetected malware, data leakage and hackers controlling devices remotely continue to persist, resulting in blockchain technology attracting more attention as a viable solution.  
  • IoTeX is one of the companies at the forefront of providing a solution through their ‘blockchains within a blockchain’ architecture. The protection they are able to provide is based on cryptography designed to be a one-way function that cannot be re-engineered, thus providing much needed security from hackers.


  • One point that I have flagged is that while many commentators talk about IoT as if the hardware is the main feature, it is in fact the software that really provides the value.
  • Much of the hardware needed for IoT has become very cheap to buy, a factor that has helped drive applications.
  • But this can come at a price, as cheap hardware often either has poor security or it comes with a fairly open default option.
  • It is my expectation that the growth of IoT applications will drive a parallel growth in demand for cyber security tools.

Thales has bought Gemalto a few months ago

Thales is a European expert in cybersecurity and defense.

As I turn more cautious on financial markets, this is definitely a company to look at !

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