Soon, Will AI be your doctor?

Soon, Will AI be your doctor?
January 28 17:23 2019

National Health Service trials AI software to diagnose breast cancer (FT)

  • Radiology has emerged as a major target for companies developing AI healthcare solutions as medical scans provide relatively easy to analyse data and many hospitals are facing a shortage of human radiologists.
  • Both Kheiron Medical and DeepMind (owned by Google) have recently launched trials with the NHS to test their algorithms on tens of thousands of mammograms.
  • Several European companies have trained AI’s to detect signs of breast cancer and according to doctors, AI will become a common way to read scans over the next few years.


  • Radiological examinations of the chest are very challenging and breast cancer is particularly difficult for doctors to detect early form mammograms, making it an ideal area to highlight the importance and usefulness of AI-based solutions in driving workflow efficiencies and improving diagnostics and clinical outcomes.
  • A company I’d like to flag here is Siemens Healthineers, which has made a notable push in AI-based applications with a new AI-Rad solution for assisting lung and respiratory diagnostics.
  • Already, Siemens Healthineers has secured over 500 patents in the field (20% of which in deep learning), can access over 300 million curated clinical images, reports, and data, and receives additional insights from 4,400 clinical relationships – all of which it can feed into its super computer.
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