The rise of farmbots !

The rise of farmbots !
February 08 15:18 2019

Video – the rise of farmbots (FT)

  • The FT video shows that the use of farm robots has achieved a high level of investor interest.
  • In 2017 VC companies ploughed more than $700m into the industry, more than double the spending in 2016
  • There are two main types of farm bots, those that aim to reduce inputs such as pesticides and fertilisers and those that seek to replace farm workers
  • Some technologies such as self driving tractors and remote controlled drones are becoming common.
  • One area where robots still seem to be struggling is fruit & vegetable picking – it seems at least for now we still need people.×1080.mp4


  • Analysts forecasted that farm robotics could be a $50bn industry in the longer term.
  • While the replacement of labour will be an important short term driver, we see the ability of robots (linked with smart data analysis) to reduce input costs, through precision application of pesticides and fertiliser, as being the biggest long term gain
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