The vape company Juul is clearly targeting teens, even if it pretends it doesn’t…

The vape company Juul is clearly targeting teens, even if it pretends it doesn’t…
January 29 17:27 2019

The vape company Juul said it doesn’t target teens. Its early ads tell a different story. (Vox)

Juul, a Silicon Valley start-up that occupies over 75% of the US e-cigarette market, claims to help adult smokers quit tobacco.

  • However, early marketing and advertising appear to be appealing largely to young adults and teenagers, as opposed to the now targeted over 35 age group.
  • Their marketing included colourful adverts, social media influencers and on occasion, strikingly similar marketing to the tobacco industry, as found by a study led by Stanford University.

That’s an important finding, given that the youth vaping trend, which coincided with Juul’s explosion on the market, is viewed as a new public health crisis. A major national survey recently found that the number of high schoolers who used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days has increased by about 75 percent since 2017.

In December, Altria (the parent of P.Morris) purchased a third of Juul. Interesting right?


Tobacco companies realized young people were moving away from cigarettes seen as “not as cool” and”unhealthy” to new innovations.

Therefore, they are trying to make the young generation to vap. And as most of you know, smoking is as much about nicotine as habit.

Looking at their share price, they clearly need something to boost interest in their share price. Something else is clearly not developing in their favor. The increase of Funds managed by ESG and SRI policies (Responsible Investing) which often forbid investing in Tobacco companies.

If more and more Big Hands cannot buy your stock, how are you going to go up?

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