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Goldman Sach Just Jumped On The Wagon 0

About one month ago, I noticed what looked like a smiley face…a bottoming pattern forming on Gold. Metal Analysis Report 12-7-18…Do You See What I See??? YES, YES, the chart

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Palladium Is On A Roll 0

Palladium is widely used in three-way catalytic converters in car exhaust systems. Palladium is also used jewelry and in dental fillings and crowns.  Another common use for palladium is in

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All Eyes This Weekend On…..Soybean Prices – Part 2 0

I last spoke about Soybeans one month ago, All Eyes This Weekend On…..Soybean Prices However, China has canceled all shipment of beans from the U.S. causing the prices in the

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Oil Prices Approaching The $50 Level, Now What??? 0

The last time I spoke about oil, which was one month ago, I talked about price was about to penetrate the monthly demand at $42 and the fact that prices

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Others Are Jumping Onto The Gold Bandwagon Too 0

A little over a week ago, I talked about Gold through Newmont Mining, Unusual Options Activity In Newmont Mining Gold saw an increase of more than 2% last week and

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Oil Prices Breach The $50 Level, Now What??? 0

Three weeks ago I wrote about oil, Bottom Is In For Oil…For The Time Being I think the bottom is in on oil for the time being. Last week, the

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