SPX Teasing the Bulls and the Bears 0

The S&P 500 is teasing both the bulls and the bears this week.   After getting a nice rally into the first resistance area prices looked liked they were going to

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Why I’m Trying a Short Trade on SPX 0

Generally I like to see clear entry signals, but sometimes I try to anticipate a move if it is offering

Investing May Be Simple Than It Seems 0

As I fly across the atlantic 38,000 feet in the air with no internet I find myself left to my

Upside Targets for SPX Running Out of Gas 0

After puking the day before the S&P 500 ripped higher on Friday on better than expected economic data.  The volatility

Tenants: Your Most Important Asset in Rental Real Estate 0

When investing in rental real estate we can focus on price and location all we want, but even though we

Five Financial Books to Read in 2019 0

At the start of every year I like to share five financial related books to read.  Some are newer and

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STEEM – Stuck in a Trading Range 0

The price of steem saw a little pump the past couple days.   This has caught people’s attention and has folks speculating on why it has happened. Here’s the thing, even

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SPX: Gap and Go So Took My Profits 0

As the S&P 500 pushes further into the resistance zone I decided not to be greedy and booked the rest of my day (turned into overnight) trade. Bad News is Good so Good News is Great The market was strong

Intraday Analysis: SPX Pressing The Upside Range 0

Over the last several days the S&P 500 has been a bit range bound.  Looking at a shorter time frame, such as the hourly chart we can see this trading action and that the index at this moment is trying

SPX Bulls Showing Resilience 0

After quite the bounce last night and some negative news one could think the bears would come roaring down and sell off the market for at least a day, but the bulls seem to remain strong recently. Bank Miss, China

Definition of a Risk Taker 0

Investing has risk.  There is no two ways about it.  Some investments have very marginal risk while others have much more volatility, either way you need to take risks if you want to invest. Definition of a Risk Taker Do

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Remember When Everyone Was An Awesome Bitcoin Investor? 0

It’s been two and a half years since I started investing in cryptocurrencies and boy does it feel like an eternity.  Given the crypto market is only 10 years old

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S&P 500 – Dodging Fed Bullets 0

The price action in the SPX does not look pretty and I’d love to just trade against the technicals, but

How Do Your Finances Stack Up? 0

The phrase “it takes money to make money” has probably been uttered by every one of us.  How much money

Is Bitcoin Consolidating for a Leg Down? 0

When looking at the bitcoin chart I favor the daily chart to read trend and make decisions.  However, often I

The Music and Money Show is Live Today – 3pm EDT 0

Ready to talk some crypto?  Well that is what we’ll do today on the music and money show, be sure

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Bitcoin’s Back to Support Just Like That 0

A few days back I posted about bitcoin and how the next 48 hours would likely dictate the price direction for the last few weeks of the year. Survey Says!

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The Music and Money Show is Live – Tuesday 3pm EDT (8pm UTC) 0

It’s that time again!  Time to talk about money and bump some sweet music.   This week on the Music

People Want Offense Not Defense – Is it Wrong For Investing? 0

If you look at the trends throughout our society as a whole you can notice certain things.  One of them

The Next 48 Hours Could Dictate Bitcoin’s Direction For The Year 0

With just a few weeks left in 2018 bitcoin’s next move will set the tone for the rest of the

Crypto Investing – Know Your Price Points 0

This will be good to revisit.  Most have heard me preach knowing your upside and downside price points.  It’s simple

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