Life and Times of an Honest Business Man: No Good Deed Unpunished 0

Anyone who has ever done business for themselves knows that you rarely get 100% transparency in most transactions. Business people have their best interest in mind, even if a win-win

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Real Estate Investing: Property Types 0

When it comes to investing in residential real estate it may seem like there are dozens of different types of

Steem Price: That Bearish U-Turn Came to Fruition 0

A few days back I mentioned how the price of steem formed a bearish u-turn pattern on the daily chart

Bitcoin: What a Snooze Fest 0

Been awhile since I posted about Bitcoin and with reason.  Price has been flatlined of late as we just muddle

Steem Price Action – Bearish U-Turn Already? Volume Says Otherwise 0

Just a day ago I wrote about the price of steem working on a longer term bottoming formation.  However, within

Is Steem Price About to Complete a Bottoming Pattern? 0

Well things may have just got interesting folks.  Last time I reviewed the price of steem it was flirting in

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RIP: The American Hustle 0

Has the American hustle died?  That is what made this country great.  Immigrants coming to create a land of better freedoms and opportunities. However, after being settled as a country

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ScaredyCatGuide to Being Ambitiously Lazy 0

The title kind of seems like an oxymoron. How can someone be both ambitious and lazy, wouldn’t one effectively cancel out the other? Let me ask you something: Do you consider yourself ambitious? Do you consider yourself a hard worker?

Dumb Mistakes Rental Property Investors Make 0

Often times we make things harder on ourselves than they should be.  This is no different in rental property investing when you do the mistakes listed below. Dumb Mistakes Rental Property Investors Make Forgetting that Rental Property Investing is a

The U.S. Stock Market Had One Hell of a Ride 0

If you haven’t been paying attention to the stock market the past two months you may need to do a double take. The Big V Just as the market broke key technical levels and broke down lower, putting us in

The Steem Price Optimistic Scenario 0

By now means am I saying I think this will happen, but technically the possibility is there.  What exactly is it I’m speaking of…. Higher Highs and Higher Lows In order to have an uptrend price needs to make higher

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Investing May Be Simple Than It Seems 0

As I fly across the atlantic 38,000 feet in the air with no internet I find myself left to my own devices to create content. Normally one can research a

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Upside Targets for SPX Running Out of Gas 0

After puking the day before the S&P 500 ripped higher on Friday on better than expected economic data.  The volatility

Tenants: Your Most Important Asset in Rental Real Estate 0

When investing in rental real estate we can focus on price and location all we want, but even though we

Five Financial Books to Read in 2019 0

At the start of every year I like to share five financial related books to read.  Some are newer and

The Rich Get Richer – This Infographic Says It All 0

For decades now there has been the outright cry of a shrinking middle class in the United States.  That, coupled

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Bitcoin Direction – Hurry Up and Wait! 0

Here’s the thing – after getting a little bounce in bitcoin we are kinds playing monkey in the middle right now and just need to wait and see which way

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Real Estate Builds Long-Term Wealth When Done Right! 0

Is it me or do most people not really value the power of time?  Maybe we don’t think about twenty

A Little Look at Litecoin Price Action 0

It almost seems like Litecoin has been forgotten about.  It was just six months ago that people said bitcoin, ethereum,

Ethereum Just Cracked the $100 Mark – Is it the Last of Double Digits? 0

A quick 20% rally and boom – ethereum is back above $100.  Let’s take a look at what transpired and

STEEM – Invested Like a Red Headed Step-Child 0

We have gotten a nice bounce in crypto today.  Poor steem though, it seems it keeps getting treated like a

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