Crypto Investing – Know Your Price Points

Crypto Investing – Know Your Price Points
December 01 23:45 2018

This will be good to revisit.  Most have heard me preach knowing your upside and downside price points.  It’s simple practical and in your best interest to do so when investing in crypto.

Thus, I decided to share this video I did some time ago.  I think the fact it was done when prices were much higher further solidifies why we need to know both our upside and downside targets.

By doing this we can act accordingly and take off or add positions as needed instead of just bag holding.

Know Your Price Points

Learn and Do Better

In the end the best thing we can do after the fact is learn and do it better the next time around.  I hope you were able to grab some useful knowledge about the simple action of recognizing price points for both directions so you can make informed decisions.

Remember, this is not rocket science – even a scaredycat can do it!

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