Definition of a Risk Taker

Definition of a Risk Taker
January 14 02:03 2019

Investing has risk.  There is no two ways about it.  Some investments have very marginal risk while others have much more volatility, either way you need to take risks if you want to invest.

Definition of a Risk Taker

Do you know what the definition of a risk taker is?

It is…

  • Someone who steps into the game without already knowing the answer.

Here’s the thing – we never know the answer.

We can analyzed a bunch and put the odds well in our favor, but you do not know 100% how an investment will play out, well atleast anyone that includes even a morsel of speculation.

Acceptance and Educated Decisions

If you want to invest in things such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc. you need to recognize what the variables are and accept you cannot control the outcomes of them – only how you decide and react to them.

The best bet is to educate yourself the best you can on the given assets class and then make calculated and educated decisions to put probability of a good outcome in your favor.

Final Thought

That all this post really was, just a thought about risk taking and how we should view it and what we need to accept and realize if we truly want to be a risk taker, a.k.a-speculator.

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