People Want Offense Not Defense – Is it Wrong For Investing?

People Want Offense Not Defense – Is it Wrong For Investing?
December 04 02:09 2018

If you look at the trends throughout our society as a whole you can notice certain things.  One of them I am noticing more and more is that people want to be entertained, they want offense.  The go go go and rah rah rah over the sensible or prudent thing to do.

This is especially dangerous when it comes to investing and is why a lot of people get caught with their pants down when the tide goes out.

People Want Offense. Defense Is Not Entertaining

At least to the majority it is not. And I am certainly not the majority. I see it in my sports preferences and especially in my investing and crypto trading.

Why Someone Oblivious Gets More Attention

Offense (disguised with optimism and promotion) is what garners attention. This is why someone who knows very little about crypto or the technical principles of trading can still grab a large audience.

Think about it – who would you rather listen too?

The guy that is constantly doing videos saying XYZ crypto is going to the moon! HODL and buy more, don’t miss this chance for millions!

Or this guy

XYZ has become overbought and formed a reversal pattern. I would take profits here and look to re-enter on a pull back

We all know the answer to this, whether we’d like to admit it or not 🙂

The former is always going to garner more attention. It’s just how we are built as human beings. Not saying there is anything wrong with it, just sharing an observation.

The question we need to ask ourselves is:  which person is giving us the best advice to make an informed decisions with?

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