RIP: The American Hustle

RIP: The American Hustle
February 11 21:49 2019

Has the American hustle died?  That is what made this country great.  Immigrants coming to create a land of better freedoms and opportunities.

However, after being settled as a country for some time now, you know post industrial revolution and now post tech revolution (the first one atleast) it seems we may not be falling into the land of the complacency.

Being on the grind is what made this country great.  No one expected anything, they went out and got it themselves.

Nowadays it seems there is quite a bit of the former.

Like I Owe You Something?

This is just a random example and I am sure there are better ones, but today I had a bum ask me for a dollar as he walked by with his knock off beats headphones on his heads.

I responded “all I got is a credit card” to which he said “what?” as he kept walking with his headphones on his hea still.

I responded again, just a bit louder “all I got is a credit card” to which I heard “what?” as he gotten another few steps further away.

I said it one more time even louder as I am now standing in front of the door of the sandwich shop that I’m delaying myself to go into trying to answer this guy like it’s me that isn’t getting the job done trying to answer his request for a dollar.

Like, come on man.  At least pull one side of the headphones off and stop walking for a second if you even want a hope at your request being fulfilled.

Do Your Job

The good news is we are living in a society where just doing your job is considered a good job because you have many people that decide they “don’t feel like adulting today”.  Yes, that has become a term.

Or maybe I’m just a bitter old man at 40 years old.

Food for thought.

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