STEEM – Invested Like a Red Headed Step-Child

STEEM – Invested Like a Red Headed Step-Child
December 18 00:50 2018

We have gotten a nice bounce in crypto today.  Poor steem though, it seems it keeps getting treated like a red headed step child.  (if your not familiar with the phrase, it’s an old one meaning to not be treated well.  In fact, I wonder if it’s considered insensitive to even say that anymore.  Just about everything else is these days).

Steem Under Performing

I feel like this has become a theme.  Don’t get me wrong there have been periods where the price of steem held up relatively well, but there seem to be too many occasions like what I’m seeing here….

This is a screenshot of some of the coins I hold.

It is nice to see some green and the 9.84% gain in steem is welcomed, but do you see what I see?

STEEM percentage gain in last place.

It holds true for the coins that did not fit into the screenshot.  Of the 10 coins I track in that app, my good bottom steem – my largest holding is under performing them all on today’s bounce.

Begs the question – why does steem still get no love considering it has been around longer than many other coins and has fee less three second transactions.

Things that make you go Hmmmmm?

(this post is more so a mini vent as I’m just disappointed with today’s performance, there are many variables at play with steem and the steem blockchain yet to be played out)


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