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Why I’m Trying a Short Trade on SPX 0

Generally I like to see clear entry signals, but sometimes I try to anticipate a move if it is offering me a low risk proposition with a solid reward. Taking

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Tenants: Your Most Important Asset in Rental Real Estate 0

When investing in rental real estate we can focus on price and location all we want, but even though we must get those right it will not matter if we

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Five Financial Books to Read in 2019 0

At the start of every year I like to share five financial related books to read.  Some are newer and some are classics, but they are all that provide some

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The Rich Get Richer – This Infographic Says It All 0

For decades now there has been the outright cry of a shrinking middle class in the United States.  That, coupled with a larger concentration of wealth among the one percent

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Algos: The Grinch That Stole the Stock Market 0

It’s interesting to watch as time goes by and the themes of a market change.  Things that always held true begin to cease as a “new norm” comes about. Is

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Real Estate Builds Long-Term Wealth When Done Right! 0

Is it me or do most people not really value the power of time?  Maybe we don’t think about twenty five years from now because it’s to far away to

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