$HACK continues to show resilience! It is a No Brainer! ?

HACK is the cyber security ETF that I am very big on and have been for the past couple years. You can see in the chart why I love this ETF. After the immediate sell off when it started, it has powered to all time highs. Then, after the most recent market “bear”, it is within a stone throw away from all time highs again.

Currently it is trading above key weekly moving averages and looks very very strong. HACK appears to have a magnet towards highs if the market hangs in there. This will be one of the ETFs I am looking back if the market holds the pullback. I believe a pullback is inevitable at this point and likely in the coming week. I am going to be watching how this reacts to it.

In the words of Carl Icahn, HACK is a “no brainer”. With cryptocurrencies, super computers, cyber warfare, etc., the only direction HACK is going to end up is higher overtime. This is a NO BRAINER!

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