BITCOIN: Bullish Divergence at the 4h-chart 0

Another low today, as expected, within the two lines which define the Bull-flag. BITCOIN touched the lower support of the Bull flag and have entered inside the “Oversold” area of

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BITCOIN: another possibility… 0

With such a tiny volume is being really difficult to find any indication that show us the next move of

BITCOIN: Price projection using Bars Pattern. Just for Fun… :-) 0

Using BITCOIN Weekly Chart, Log Scale. Applying tool “Bars Pattern” of the previous BEAR/BULL Market, period from November 25th 2013

STEEM: Crossing 200 DMA? 0

After more than a week of amazing performance, STEEM has reached the level of the 200 DMA at the STEEM/BTC

BITCOIN: We need some more volume… 0

Finally, BITCOIN has completed the last 5th…and it has been done in a very accelerated way as I wrote yesterday.

BITCOIN: Equal Patterns = Equal Results? 0

Another day of tiny volume, drafting what people is starting to call another “Bart” pattern, this time inverted. Actually, if

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LITECOIN: willing to break the 200DMA 0

For those who maybe missed my previous post about LITECOIN lately, just tell you that in my opinion there is no other big crypto showing better indications of REVERSAL than

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BITCOIN: That jump of yesterday has been good but… 0

…obviously still not sufficient. Frankly, I have doubts about if yesterday’s rise can be ascribed in any Elliot-wave count actually…but it can, of course… First Option: EXTENDED FIRST WAVE Let’s say that BITCOIN has traced an EXTENDED FIRST WAVE. In

LITECOIN: Possibly the most Bullish Big Crypto out there nowadays 2

Very little has been said about LITECOIN lately. Everybody is focused on BITCOIN as the crypto King and maybe we are losing a little bit perspective on valuable and similar other cryptos as can be LITECOIN in this case. The

BITCOIN may have reached already its bottom 0

This is the BTC/USD weekly chart (BITSTAMP Exchange) and Relevant Strength Index Oscillator aka RSI indicator. What could extract from this chart? We can see clearly 3 long BEAR MARKETS despite since 2012, Bitcoin has crashed and rise 13 times

BITCOIN: The Eternal Falling Wedge 0

For the moment, BITCOIN is keeping a constant volume around 5.4b$, the “Falling Wedge” pattern still seems to be the more adapted to the current chart. RSI oscillator moving inside the “safe” zone, nor oversold neither overbought conditions are in

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BITCOIN: In the Neckline of the “inverted Head and Shoulders” 0

Many people ask me why lately I only use BITCOIN in my daily analysis and why not to search for other good altcoins willing to “Pump” and generate quick profits…

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BITCOIN: Hesitance and Low Volume 0

Still volume so small, drawing what is seems to be a shy bull flag after the 5 minutes move upwards

BITCOIN: Symmetrical Triangle broken by the upper side 0

As forecasted yesterday, we have obtained a breakage of the symmetrical triangle as soon as BTC has reached the APEX.


LITECOIN has just crossed the Neckline of the Inverted Head and Shoulder Pattern. If the Pattern Recognition Technique is confirmed

BITCOIN: Symmetrical triangle 0

Again we are in front of a 50/50% pattern, the Symmetrical Triangular Pattern on which Highs are getting lower and

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BITCOIN: 5th wave down now it should be up for short time 0

As I wrote yesterday here, a couple of hours ago, BITCOIN has broken the Bear Flag which conformed the 4th and it is now reaching the end of the 5th.

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BITCOIN: Bear Flag for the 5th wave 0

Since yesterday, BITCOIN has found some support at the 50% of the last rise retracement… however, counting waves at 1h-timeframe

BITCOIN: an important moment… 0

Christmas eve has brought us an important move downwards which has formed a long 3rs wave down… Counting waves seems

BITCOIN: Quick update 0

BITCOIN seems to behave in a more “natural” way than what we are used to see lately… After completing the

BITCOIN: Shorts and Longs 0

While waiting the market to define its final trend, which in my humble opinion is so early to predict right

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