BITCOIN: 5-waves down? 0

From the two short term scenarios I presented a couple of days ago at this post “BITCOIN: Breakage confirmed and what to expect…“, I am sorry to tell that the

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BITCOIN: Breakage confirmed and what to expect… 2

Finally BITCOIN has broken out the “Falling Wedge” by the upper line which is very good despite I was expecting

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BITCOIN: Count invalidated, Bear Flag instead… 0

Bad luck guys, Yesterday’s count has been invalidated since the supposed wave (4) went lower than the (1)… That’s really a bad signal indeed… BITCOIN hasn’t been able to cross

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BITCOIN: Diamond Pattern Triggered 0

Well, seems that yesterday’s call on which I identificated a “Diamond Pattern“, read my post here, at the BITCOIN chart has finally produced the expected rise up. However, in order to confirm the reversal and sustain this movement upwards, BITCOIN

BITCOIN: Interesting pattern… 1

BITCOIN is on its way in order to complete the 5-3-5 Structure. Well, actually, yesterday more or less at the same time, BITCOIN did a very interesting move creating an additional pattern that I will explain later on at this

BITCOIN: Lowest Low of the year just broken but… 0

As expected since days, BITCOIN has completed the 3rd and 4th waves and now is just completing the 5th of the 5-3-5 Scheme. Actually BITCOIN has broken the old low of the year and seems to going even lower. For

BITCOIN: Following the Trading Channel on a 5-3-5 0

I am keeping my strategy of trading BITCOIN while following what it seems a consistent 5-3-5 Zig Zag Structure  which I posted a few days ago, first on November 30th “BITCOIN: 5 Waves down”  and yesterday in this post, “BITCOIN:5-3-5 on going”.

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