Bitcoin Technical Analysis: IS THE BOTTOM IN? 0

Bitcoin was able to break back above the critical $4,000 price point. It’s currently trading around $4,160. We’re seeing an uptick in volume, with buyers stepping in when price pulls

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Bitcoin and EOS Technical Analysis: SEARCHING FOR A BOTTOM 2

As of writing this, bitcoin is still consolidating around $3,750. The $3,600 support has held surprisingly well. If price can

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Bitcoin and EOS Technical Analysis: Waiting For The Bulls to Show Up 1

Since my last update, Bitcoin dropped to the prior level of support ($3,400-$3,250) I warned about. It’s shown some life over the past 24 hours, rising from $3,280 up to

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Bitcoin and EOS Technical Analysis: BEAR TRAP OR LOWER PRICES? 0

Bitcoin is currently dropping just below $3,600…a key support. If the daily candle closes below $3,600, I believe we could see a quick drop to at least $3,400. EOS has broken below $2.45. It’s currently finding support at $2.11. If

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: LARGER MOVE MAY BE COMING 0

Bitcoin continues to find support at $3,800. Zooming out on the 4 hour chart, we can see price continues getting squeezed within a larger wedge. This suggests a larger move may be coming within the next few days.  In today’s

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Will Support Hold? 0

Bitcoin had been consolidating within a larger wedge since November 20th. Today it broke down and out of that wedge. It found support right on top of the prior support zone between $3,800 and $3,600. If price breaks below this

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: QUICK UPDATE 0

I’m on the road this weekend, so forgive this short post. I received many messages asking about the market. Rather than answer each one individually, I decided to post a quick update. Bitcoin was able to break back above $4,000,

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