$999.99 / year

Becoming a Mentorhip offers many opportunities for analysts, investors and traders.

  • Post articles to TIMM
    • Includes promotion in the featured section on TIMM’s home page
    • Includes posts automatically going to the Trading Pits
    • Includes auto posting to Steem (not mandatory)
    • Your articles blasted to TIMM’s Twitter
  • Access to TIMM’s premium Mentors’ pit, the Backroom
    • Share advanced ideas with fellow Mentors
    • Rub elbows with TIMM Mentors
  • Your own Trading Pit, including the ability to set a price for your subscribers
  • The ability to offer products for sale

Become a vital part of the community. Join today.



If you enjoy sharing your analysis and want to grow with a vibrant community of investors and traders, but lack the skills or knowledge to set up your own service, this is for you. Learn, share, grow and pursue mutual profit with fellow Mentors and premium members. Your Mentor subscription provides access to a more knowledgeable and intimate community.

By signing up as a Mentor you agree not to post spam, links to competitors, affiliate links or other posts designed to pull visitors and members away from TIMM. In some cases this may be approved, but must be requested first. You also agree to post all your analysis on TIMM, except in rare cases where you are posting in order to draw people to TIMM. Cross-posting on other sites is encouraged, as long as a link to your original article on TIMM is included with something similar to “Originally posted on TIMM”. Of course, the more traffic you can draw to your articles on TIMM, the more subscribers you can draw to your services.

Due to the nature of digital services, TIMM maintains a strict no-refund policy, as detailed in the Terms of Service. By subscribing, you are agreeing to these terms and reasserting your agreement with TIMM’s Terms of Service.


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