Obviously this is one of the first questions that needs to be asked. If you’ve already spent some time perusing TIMM’s pages, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what TIMM is about.

The concept of TIMM was born in about 2012 or so, from the perceived opportunity that could be realized if there were a free market for investors to find analysts that they could trust. While there are hundreds of services, they all seem to be plugging only their select few, who they approve. But what if anyone who thinks they have what it takes could offer their services in a sort of freelance capacity, but in a way that aggregates their competitors in a mutually productive environment? Such a place would also give investors a place where they could meet analysts with different focuses, skills, methods, etc., hopefully finding just the right mix to fit their own personal goals and tolerances.

By now you’ve likely figured out what the letters T-I-M-M stand for, Traders’ & Investors’ Mentor Market. That’s pretty self-explanatory, but it can’t offer a complete picture unless you understand some key aspects about TIMM. Perhaps there’s no better way to illustrate what is foundational to TIMM than to explain what was TIMM’s first logo concept. Yeah, it’s not pretty. But it was a concept that still under-girds the foundation of what makes TIMM tick.TIMM-Logo-3-4.gifThe gathering of minds in the pursuit of truth goes back to the beginning of time. As the thoughts of men became more philosophical, these gatherings took on greater formality. Perhaps the culmination of this was the Greek Academy (Ακαδημέια), north of Athens. As a sanctuary of the goddess of wisdom and skill, Athena’s temple was the most logical location for such gatherings. Thus, it was Plato’s school of philosophy, the Ακαδημέια, that set the stage for this kind of learning almost four centuries before the birth of Christ.

It is with the Ακαδημέια in mind that TIMM originally adopted the structure of the ancient Greek temple. It is an icon (εικόνισμα) of the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, rather than irrational worship of mythological gods, signifying a gathering place where men became better than they might have been without this mutual endeavor. Many may recall that it was right here on Mars Hill, in the midst of the Areopagus, that Paul expounded on why Jesus was the ultimate answer to the unanswered questions pondered by the great philosophers of his day (Acts 17:22-31).

Our Ακαδημέια is built on a strong foundation, as you can see across the steps leading up to TIMM. The bottom word, and widest foundation, for our structure is εμπιστοσύνη (empisteuontai), representing trust and confidence. On top of this trust rests the second word, κοινότητα (koinotayta), meaning community or fellowship. As such, TIMM represents a community of trust.

Above TIMM rests the pursuit of our community of trust; αμοιβαία αποδοτικότητα (amoibaia kerdophoria), mutually profitable. As long as TIMM continues to base its existence on a community of trust, our pursuit should be mutually profitable for all involved. With this in mind, we have set the world before us, as the pinnacle of our pursuit. It’s not that we need the world. It’s that, together, with such a foundation as our common pursuit, and a common goal of being mutually profitable, the world lies before us. With this in mind, may we strive together to make it a better place for us having been here, and been a part of TIMM.

While TIMM’s logo changed as the project came closer to realization, the foundation has not. Perhaps sharing this original concept will help you to understand where we’re coming from, what our focus is and provide a vision that you can adopt as your own. Then, together, we can pursue the dream of mutual profit, not just in financial resources, but in who we are at the most basic levels. For true success lies not in what we have, but who we are in the depth of our being.

May we all be better for having embraced this mutual pursuit together.