Posting Guidelines


As a Premium Member, you may post anything you want to in your own blog. There are no restrictions regarding content, other than that you cannot promote any competing services, including your own non-TIMM services, and you cannot post illegal content. If you desire to see your content published on and promoted by TIMM, please consider these guidelines.

Necessary To be Published on TIMM

  1. One of our main categories as the first tag
  2. TIMM as the fifth tag
  3. When applicable, the specific stock/asset should be one of the tags. If it has a ticker, just use that (appl, spx, vxx, shcomp, etc). If it’s a trading pair, just use that as a tag, without spaces or / (eurusd, btcusd, eosbtc, agaus, etc).
  4. No links to your own outside service or any service that competes with TIMM
  5. Actionable market related content
  6. Excellent grammar and spelling
  7. No profanity – It’s unnecessary and dilutes the quality of good writing
  8. As much as possible, do not use images of text. This is often done to avoid plagiarism checkers and also diminishes SEO.
  9. No hotlinking images
  10. Give proper credit to sources

Advised for Better Content and Engagement.

May or may not be considered by editors, depending on quality.

  1. Please do not ask for upvotes and resteems in the article. Just about everyone knows that authors want to be upvoted and resteemed. It can come across as begging when included.
  2. We suggest using a regional tag when appropriate, at least generally. The main ones would be Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania.
  3. Suggested order of tags – main category (will always be first tag), ticker/trading pair, main asset (btc if btcusd or apple if appl), method (scalp, swing, income, land), timeframe (hourly, monthly, 5min) or region, timm (will always be last tag).
  4. The title should be relevant and not spammy, while alluring enough to draw readers. Ideally, it will fit on one line.
  5. It’s best to have an image within the first ? of the article. The first image will usually be the featured image.
  6. The first part of the article should be a general statement or hook relating to the article. Other than the title and image, it’s the first thing people will see. Start out with a solid sentence or two or questions that make the reader want to engage.