Listing Products


As a Mentor, you have the ability to list products in the store. In doing so, please make sure to follow these guidelines.

  • TIMM has a strict "no refund" policy. Please include a statement similar to this, "Due to the nature of digital material, there are no refunds for this product." If you wish to offer some sort of refund, please state it clearly and make sure that the customer knows that they must contact you directly for a refund.
  • You will see two text editor fields. The top one is actually the main content that will go below the listing. The top one is the shorter description, which will be to the right of the thumbnail.
  • Make sure that Product data is "Simple product" and that you have checked "Virtual", unless you are shipping a tangible item. It's up to you whether you want it to be downloadable. If so, we recommend a 10 day limitation on downloads to help avoid abuse. Please make sure to include this information in your description.
  • If you are shipping, all pertinent information is between you and your customer. TIMM assumes no responsibility for any aspect of shipping and all fees are included in our strict "no refund" policy.
  • Under "Advanced", please put "10" in for your Menu order. This will make sure that Membership and Mentor subscriptions are kept separate from products. It's up to you whether or not you want to allow reviews.
  • Under "Membership", you can tie your product to membership in your services. You are also able to offer discounts to other Members according to their membership.
  • Unless your listing is for a membership, please make sure to choose "Products" under "Product categories" in the right hand column.
  • Please make sure to include a "Product image" in the right hand column. This is very important for our layout and your product appeal.

If you are confident in your listing, please feel free to publish it when it's ready. If you are not and/or want some help in looking it over, editing or other aspects of the listing, please save it as a draft or choose "Pending Review" from the dropdown in the upper section of the right hand column. Send TIMM or one of the Moderators a note so we know to look for it.

Thanks for being a key part of TIMM and the future success of our trading & investing community.