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CoinGecko released its cryptocurrency quarterly report a few days ago. If you don’t know what CoinGecko is yet, then head over to and take a look. CoinGecko is what I consider to be the best of the cryptocurrency tracking websites, and it is a site which I visit (too) many times every day.

The folks at CoinGecko publish a Quarterly Report on the crypto world. It’s a highly informative document: as the name suggests it focuses on the previous quarter, though it does go back further than that where necessary.

I like the reports as they provide a broad overview of the cryptospace. With so many coins, projects, stories and developments in the crypto world, we are forced to somewhat narrow our focus and we tend to suffer from tunnel-vision. I know this happens because I actively try to maintain a broad knowledge of crypto by researching it and reading the latest news each day; but even so I know that projects or events can slip by me unnoticed. The CoinGecko reports are a way to ensure that you haven’t missed out on the most important developments of the quarter.

But the reports are far more than just a news stream, in fact they aren’t a news stream at all. They consolidate the most important information, normally into a graphical format, and then publish it on charts or infographics. This makes everything simple to read and not too laborious.

Let me show you some of what you can find in their latest report. All screenshots below are taken from the “CoinGecko Quarterly Report for Q2 2019”, available at All rights to the contents of these screenshots belong to CoinGecko, and I share this information under authority expressly granted to be me by CoinGecko via Twitter.

Introduction to the Q2 2019 Crypto Report:

The hype and FOMO are real! Strap on and enjoy this journey; let’s see how far we can fly on this rocket
ship. We hope this report brings you value and helps you stay updated on the constantly changing
cryptocurrency industry.

~ Bobby Ong and TM Lee – Co-Founders of CoinGecko; “Founders’ Notes”; Pg 4

If you’re anything like me, then you like to take a look at long-term chart trends. You CAN work these out mathematically be means of insanely complex MS Excel formulas. I used to do that when I started in crypto, but honestly the effort of maintaining those spreadsheets is not worth the benefits. These days I eyeball trendlines, but confirmation like this from CoinGecko can be used to ensure that my eyeballs are not skew. ?


Note how the trendlines are not only upwards sloping, but are upwards curved; indicative not only of growth, but of logarithmic growth (and now you know why I normally use log charts for crypto analysis).

The top coins feature prominently in the report, here CoinGecko gives us their quarterly performance. (*Sarcastic voice* “Oh no, XRP is being left behind, how sad!”)


This is a nice one, it shows you how the top 30 coin rankings have changed since the last quarterly report. CoinGecko started publishing regular Quarterly Reports in 2018, prior to that they published two reports in 2017: a Q3 one and an annual one. All their reports are available here: Depending on which report it is, some of the reports are available not only in English, but also in Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Indonesian! Personally I think that’s pretty impressive!


As an analyst, I love this chart. To me this says one thing: Bitcoin is climbing back up WITHOUT even experiencing any hype yet! CoinGecko obviously interpret it the same way I do, look at the two sections which  they have circled…


Exchanges feature prominently in the report, just look at how their numbers are growing. There is far more to see in the report itself!


Binance in particular gets a lot of focus (unsurprisingly). This page is about its May 2019 hack. There is also a three page sub-section about Binance DEX – all nicely concise and well laid out in an easily readable fashion.


I’ve written about the CoinGecko Trust Score before, a feature which I consider to be very good. In case you missed my review of it, don’t fret, you can get it from the horse’s mouth.


Another topic which I have written about: (the dreaded) Libra. In addition to the page below, CoinGecko also summarise its whitepaper – great for those who are too lazy (I mean “too busy”) to read it! In all seriousness, I did read the Libra whitepaper and I found it to be nothing more than propaganda and marketing of a centralised pseudo-crypto, but let’s not talk about that now. CoinGecko also capture the various government responses to Libra (so far).


IEOs have been very popular this year. I don’t really like this fancy new buzzword (buzz-abbreviation?) for what are really nothing more than ICOs launched by an exchange, but I do like the CoinGecko analysis of them. In a five-page spread, they give a breakdown of the recent IEOs: splitting them by month, exchange (as seen below), amount raised, ROI by project and ROI by exchange. I’m sure you will agree that that is very useful information for a crypto investor to have!


There are also sections on the Lightning Network…


…and DApps



Note that I have not even shown you 20% of what this 45-page report has to offer. It’s long enough to be useful and complete, but short enough not to make you bored or to waste your time. I consider this report to be a job (very) well done and I congratulate CoinGecko on delivering another excellent product. I thoroughly recommend the report to the crypto community. Remember that Bit Brain is not affiliated with CoinGecko in any way, I get no direct benefit for writing this post. As usual, I’m just trying to bring you the best crypto information that I can, information which CoinGecko is good at supplying.

Don’t miss the final page of the report (unless you count “The End” as a page), it contains links to all of CoinGecko’s many social media channels. I follow them on STEEM and Twitter, and of course I use their website, but there are many other options available to those of you who prefer other social media channels or phone apps.

Yours in crypto (which you can find on CoinGecko)

Bit Brain

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