Decentralised Victories – Part 1

It occurs to me that while I often speak of a decentralised future on other platforms, I seldom do so here. This post series aims to rectify that.

Because this is a large and very complex problem, even though I will be very brief, it will still take a while to explain and I can’t bombard you with too much information all at once. I will therefore break this post up into a series of more palatable sized chunks.

This is a very brief summary of some much larger issues. Bear with me if I skip all the details. If you want to, we can always discuss spin-off issues in the comments.

My thanks to Theresa May for announcing her intention to resign, thereby inspiring this post.

The problem:

The world is centralised: of that there can be no doubt or dispute.

I often speak about the evils of fiat money, and I have already explained why it is so bad and where it originates from – albeit a long time ago. If you don’t know the origin of fiat money and the problems it causes, then either do a little digging for yourself, or check out these old posts of mine:

Fiat is not the only issue.

There is a two-headed monster which controls the world: the one head is called “Money” and the other is called “Power”. Unfortunately, most people suffer greatly from another (apparently green-eyed) monster known as “Greed”. The desires of Greed are normally twofold: Money and Power.


It is no coincidence that politicians the world over are absolute scumbags – all forged from the same mass produced moulds.  I know that the majority of the world is caught up in party politics, but the reality is that you couldn’t waste your time in a less productive manner. it is only through a (very successful) sustained campaign of mass delusion that people on the ground believe such fallacies as “a Democracy works for the people” or “every vote counts” – that is blatantly false and is in stark contrast to both reality and the science of statistics.

The fact is that most government systems are absolutely terrible, no matter what name they call themselves. That most definitely includes the holier-than-thou Representative Democracies which dominate Western politics! Politicians work to serve themselves – THAT is reality. They are in a job which grants them money and power. I tell you again: any person who is attracted to a job for such reasons is a moral degenerate whose grasp of ethics is non-existent.

The politicians are the puppeteers of mass media: they regulate what may or may not be said. They control the flow of information from the real world to the homes of the general population, Yes, of course the general population live in the real world too, but they only see a small portion of it at any one time. Your views of the outside world are informed by what you are told about it by external sources, aka mass media. 

Let it never be said that people are intelligent! A PERSON is intelligent and is capable of critical and individual critical thought when in isolation, but PEOPLE are herd animals: community driven creatures who turn to their neighbours for advice, confirmation and validation of their intended actions. People are also naturally drawn to leaders and those who appear to be “in power”, trusting that they must have risen there by virtue of their own efforts and that their leaders have the best interests of the community at heart. People listen to leaders and will create cognitive biases in their own heads in order to rationalise their belief in those leaders. This is biological, don’t even try to deny it, you’ll just sound stupid.

Take Trump for example. Here is an old, greedy, spray-tanned little rich kid with a narcissism level that puts even my own narcissism to shame! A little tough talk and he has people flocking to him. They will happily overlook the fact that he is a draft-dodging coward, in their eyes he can still be a militaristic hero. It doesn’t matter to them that his idea of making an advance on an attractive women is to “Grab ’em by the pussy”, in their eyes he can still be a righteous and upstanding pillar of the community.

Such is the power of our cognitive biases: the lies which we tell ourselves to support our own World Views. You think I’m ego-maniacal? You hypocrite! Your own brain is egomaniacal! (That’s completely factual, go research it if you doubt me). Your brain is an absolute professional at lying to you and pulling the wool over your eyes. Want to know how it does it? Here click this link, I dare you, and don’t dare try to tell yourself that “those don’t apply to me!”

So no matter who they are, where they are, what party they belong to or what the system of government is; politicians remain self-serving.

That isn’t strictly true – there are a few people whom they genuinely want to help – we’ll get to that later in the series.

For now you need to know that politicians control your lives. They determine what you are allowed to say and do. You think you have free speech? Try saying “I have a bomb!” in an airport and see what happens to you – you’ll probably be shot for exercising your rights! Yes, only a fool would say that, but my example does illustrate the powers that governments have granted themselves over your actions.

The fact is that you have no say in the laws which govern you. Though governments normally purport to work “for the people”, the reality is that a group of these morally inept slimeballs get to determine all the rules, laws and regulations by which we live our lives. Want to build a house xxx feet high on your own land? Where is your permit? Want to pay 20% of your income towards upkeep of public infrastructure and social development of the poor? Sorry buddy – we demand a 40% income tax rate (not to mention sales tax). Want to drive 100 mph on an open desert road? We can put you in jail for that…

Yes, laws are there to promote peaceful co-existence between people – but they should be based on common sense. The ability to create and unilaterally determine regulations is being abused on an epic scale. Little laws and by-laws creep in one by one at a steady and continuous rate, each one slowly eroding more and more of your freedom to control your own life. These laws already went WAY beyond the point of insanity and impracticality several decades ago!

You are controlled. You are limited. You are regulated. You don’t get a say in the regulations. Politicians do. Those are the facts.

To be continued…

Yours in money and power

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