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Today I’ll say very little. I’ll let Bit Brain of the past do the majority of the talking. But before I start quoting…

This is Enjin Coin today:


Enjin Coin (ENJ) – the little wallet that could, the gaming platform, the inventor of the ERC-1155 token – is moving. Fast! News of the wallet and its capabilities is making big waves, and that’s only the start of this powerful multi-faceted gaming coin!

Now what was I saying about quotes?

“Enjin Coin (ENJ) – Enjin has existed as a gaming platform for several years and is already well respected by the gaming community. The launch of its own coin (which is actually a token) was always going to be a popular move. While not mentioned in my Big Groups to Invest inpost, gaming coins have a lot of potential. Gamers have been buying digital coins for a lot longer than what cryptocurrencies have been around! Several coins are trying to monetise in-game assets and existing gaming currencies. Enjin is the (disputable) leader of that pack. “

~ Bit Brain nine months ago

“Enjin is a gaming coin. It’s not one of those cryptos that recently started from scratch. The Enjin platform and community already existed before the token was launched, since 2009 in fact. This community is already huge and has millions of registered users (18.7 according to the whitepaper in September last year). I used to use Enjin forums myself for some clan based online gaming coordination.

The gaming industry is huge. The market is a ripe one, lots of people who are tech savvy, young, and used to dealing with in-game monetary systems. Many games have their own currencies (similar to the STEEM currencies). Enjin is trying to tap into that market and make it possible to trade those currencies between games and between other crypto assets. That’s the very short and nasty layman’s version of it.

Enjin also has its own smart-wallet that can hold a variety of coins and ERC-20 tokens. For now, the wallet is Android and iOS based, but PC and OSX wallets are scheduled for Q3 of 2018. Enjin is big and growing. It is already linked to organisations such as NRG e-sports.

But the REAL reason I’m buying Enjin and writing this post is that IT LINKED TO MINECRAFT LESS THAN 24 HOURS AGO. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that Minecraft is INSANELY popular. With over 144 million sales it is the second most popular video game of all time (behind Tetris). “

~ Bit Brian 11 months ago

From the post “What to buy in crypto right now” under the heading “My best suggestions”:

Enjin coin (ENJIN) – The biggest online-gaming based coin. Already part of a large existing (and trusted by gamers) platform.”

~ Bit Brain 10 months ago

“Another example is an old favourite of mine: Enjin Coin (ENJ). I discussed Enjin Coin as an investment in my gaming coin series:
With a very solid future ahead of it (read the post links above) and the success of its ERC-1155 Ethereum based token standard, someone has been buying up all the major ENJ dips this month. Big buys, just look at the angle of those volume spikes! “

From (on 16 December 2018)

~ Bit Brain two months ago

Speaking of my wonderful “How to win the game of cryptocurrencies” series (which remains one of my favourites series’ of all time – read it , read it now!):

“I have bought two cryptocurrencies of this variety. I believe that there are three worth holding: Enjin Coin, WAX and CryCash. Enjin Coin ( runs a very versatile platform and features both fungible and non-fungible tokens. This is fantastic because it means that specific in-game assets e.g. a specific tank can be linked to a player’s crypto wallet. The benefits of this are numerous. It allows for things like: much greater security: the player’s account can’t be stolen without stealing their wallet private key (and even then it may be difficult). A player could trade their tank with another player. A player could sell their tank for fungible coins and then buy something else with the proceeds of the sale. Of course the developers could charge a fair fee for turning in-game items back into coins. For the developers, initial profits may well drop, but this is a train that they need to be aboard, because those who are short-sighted and miss it are going to be left behind!”

~ Bit Brain seven months ago


Did you follow my suggestion or did you miss out on another golden crypto opportunity? I don’t write these things for myself you know, I already know all this stuff! I write them for you.

The Whales are hunting Enjin Coin – that much is obvious, just look at the 16 December chart up above. Miss Crypto Tips can explain to you what that means:

Mic drop ?

Yours in a crypto called Enjin Coin

Bit Brain

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