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This post is to show you which coins I hold the largest percentages of. It will give you an idea of how I have positioned the majority of my crypto funds for the anticipated bull run (which may still be a few months off). I’m writing it because in yesterday’s Shopping Cart post I askedif anyone would like me to share this information, and an overwhelming 100% of respondents answered that they would. My thanks to Luke Phoenix who is the 100% of respondents ?

Obviously this data is dynamic: I can’t control the rise and fall of one coin’s price against one another. This post is therefore a “snapshot” and not percentages which I am trying to maintain, especially the BTC percentage which is double the norm for me.

For similar reasons some of these coins come as surprises to me, coins which are not my priority long-term holds, but which have done well recently. Occasionally I trade such coins, but not always.

Without further ado, let me show you what Bit Brain is counting on in the coming bull run…

Bit Brain’s Top Ten Crypto Holds

#1 – Bitcoin (BTC)

I don’t really want Bitcoin to be my biggest hold, it’s just that the bear market decimated my altcoins so badly, and I felt the need to top up my BTC prior to the market regaining its strength. I’m happy to hold a relatively large amount of the most stable crypto, because it is the only crypto which I consider to be a reliable long-term store of value (I’m not counting stablecoins – none of which I really trust). It will be very interesting to see if BTC outruns the alts in the next bull run, or if this will be the first bull run where the alts outperform BTC. I’m hedging my bets because nobody can answer that question with confidence (if they can then they’re kidding themselves). I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to diversify your portfolio! 

#2 – NEO (NEO)

Surprise, surprise, Bit Brain’s favourite coin is in second position! Yesterday I worked out that NEO lost 97.23% of its value during the bear market, making it one of the hardest hit coins. I fully expect that to reverse during the bull run. In Da Hongfei I trust, so NEO is a must! I never thought I would see NEO this cheap again after it cruised past $50 in 2017. Though my NEO dropped from almost $200 per coin back into single figures, I have never once thought of selling (I HODL like Superman – hands of steel!). Instead I see this as a huge gift: a God-given opportunity (literally) to improve my average buy price and to stock up on this coin a second time (which I have now done).

#3 – Nash Exchange (NEX)

The much publicised NEO-based DEX from the creators of the Neon Wallet – City of Zion. Nash is going to be a wildly popular DEX when it launches. Public test trials started on 31 March (after a lengthy development period). Because the NEX ICO had no pre-sale and was run as a lottery, only very few people were initially able to buy it. Hurt by the bear market, many of those people are now foolishly selling their golden opportunity tokens for a profit of less than 200% (ICO price was $1 per token). NEX will be the stakeable official token of the world’s most advanced DEX. Only Binance will be able to compete, no other DEX’s will come close to what NEX has to offer. Since we haven’t seen final versions of either, it’s hard to say which will be better, the Binance DEX or Nash. Nash have worked very hard to ensure compliance, so there is little standing in the way of their success, especially once the bulls run and people are looking for reliable exchanges, DEXs in particular! If you don’t already know NEX then check it out at – this one is going to be big, which is why it is my number 3 hodl.

Note: Nash Exchange used to be called “NEX” (like its token) before a name ownership issue was identified.

#4 – Binance Coin (BNB)

I’ve spoken about BNB more than enough lately, including writing a post dedicated to it. Binance, Binance Jersey, Binance DEX, Binance Chain, Binance Launchpad, credit card acceptance, Changpeng Zhao etc etc. – so many reasons to hold this fantastic coin!

#5 – KuCoin Shares (KCS)

Clearly I have a soft spot for exchange coins! If you realise that all crypto is traded through crypto exchanges then you will know why. KuCoin (the exchange) remains an old favourite of mine and is heavily undervalued if you compare it to Binance (it’s every bit as good as Binance – just not as popular). This is the original dividend paying exchange coin (well, there was COSS too – but that exchange became too terrible and lost my business forever).

#6 – Enjin Coin (ENJ)

The best of the gaming coins, in my never-humble opinion. If you don’t know why gaming is big money or how crypto is getting into that space, then you have some research to do. We’re talking big money here, BIG money!

I never intended to hold Enjin as my Coin #6, it worked its own way there thanks to its recent integration into Samsung’s new flagship phone. Enjin is also a wallet and was an established (and very well known) name in gaming long before crypto became popular. This token has many ways to succeed and few ways to fail. That price spike in March was only the beginning for Enjin Coin…

#7 – WAX (WAX)

The second best of the gaming coins (also in my never-humble opinion). There is space for more than one gaming coin in the crypto market, and the “Worldwide Asset eXchange” coin is a firm second choice.

I’m genuinely surprised to see WAX this high up my chart, and not quite sure how it got there! My first WAX buy was only in late January of this year, I guess all my WAX buys since then have added up.

#8 – CargoX (CXO)

Ah, CargoX, my favourite low market cap coin, has now worked itself down to become an ultra-low market cap coin. I keep trying to see why it is so cheap. I keep thinking there must be something wrong which I don’t know about (I’ve been burnt enough times in the past!), but so far all I can find is a truly excellent coin going for a price so cheap that they might as well be giving it away. The low price hasn’t stopped the project from moving forward, it’s made huge strides into the shipping industry, and has branched out into other forms of transport too.  It’s partnerships are amazing.

This coin is really going places (excuse the transport pun), and I’m making sure that I go with by continuing to buy it every time the price dips. Using my normal formula for calculating how much of a crypto I should buy, I own 71 x the amount of CargoX which I should own! (absolutely intentionally) If this coin ever takes off I’ll invite you guys to cruise to my private island aboard my mega-yacht.

#9 – Holo (HOT)

Another coin which I only recently started buying, and intend to buy more of. The cryptocurrency that isn’t a blockchain (no, not Iota, the other one) looks very promising. You did read my very long article on Holochain, didn’t you?

#10 – VeChain (VET)

My favourite non-specific logistics coin (CXO being transport specific). I pays dividends in another token (like NEO does) and has some impressive technology. Will it take off? I don’t know, but I can’t see why it shouldn’t.

Honourable Mentions:

– Ether (ETH)

It has its faults, it has its delays, it has competitors which are far newer and more advanced. It also has far more DApps than all of them, hundreds of trading pairs on hundreds of exchanges and instant worldwide brand recognition. I think that everyone should hold at least a little of the original platform coin. Look at the facts: half of my top 10 coins are located on the Ethereum blockchain.


A slight price variation to either TKY or ETH could jump them into my top ten. TKY is a NEO-based version of Civic. For those of you unfamiliar with Civic, it deals with identity verification and protection. THEKEY has good leadership and has attracted government interest and support. In China. A country which is home to 20% of the entire global population. You do the math.


Now you know what I’m holding – well the main coins by percentage. All of these coins happen to fall into my “Long-term holds” category: coins which I intend to hold for 5 years or more. Two of my “Strong-holds” (coins I intend to hold for 1 year or more) got close to making the list, but fell a little short (Tron and Everex).

Remember that this is not a wish-list or a list of coins which I have just bought. This is a snapshot of my total crypto holdings. It will be interesting to see how this list order changes over time, especially when the crypto market takes off!

Yours in crypto

Bit Brain

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