Ripple – we need to talk : Unofficial Part 4

This post wasn’t planned, but I’ve just stumbled across something too good not to share!

From [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Having only completed my “Ripple – we need to talk” series two days ago, the temptation to make this impromptu Part 4 was too large to resist.

Remember back in Part 2 I discussed the Ripple team? The team with the ultra dodgy past of working for banks and large multinationals? Well this guy is one of them, more specifically, he’s the Ripple CTO:


Remember how I said that Ripple isn’t even a cryptocurrency? Remember how I hammered it for not being decentralised?

“When I talk about centralised control of a cryptocurrency, that’s the kind of centralisation I’m talking about. The “owns 59% of tokens” kind, to say nothing of the other points I raised in Part 2. “


Okay – with that in mind, I’m just going to drop this little video clip Tweet here… As always: do your own research, draw your own conclusions:

What would you expect from people with backgrounds such as those of the Ripple team? The Truth????

For those of you who may have missed the rest of the series (which was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself), you can catch up using the links below:

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~ Mark Twain

“By this means (fractional reserve banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.”

~ John Maynard Keynes

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