The Road Not Taken – A Bitcoin analogy (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part 1

The Final Stanza

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

And therein lies Frost’s message: the crux of the poem.

Despite the anguish, the uncertainty, the fear – Frost is saying that the path of the herd is the wrong path to take. His message is that the bold adventurer, the person who takes the road less followed, is the one who will prosper.

How often do you hear people asking for a godsend, a way out of whatever mess they perceive themselves to be in?
How many complain that they don’t earn enough money for what they do?
How many complain about the starvation of millions of impoverished people?
How many complain about the tyranny of governments? (Not nearly enough, but Covid-19 lockdowns gave that number a nice boost!)
How many complain about constant wars being fought all over the globe?

They ask for a godsend, but what must God do about it? Do people expect Ten Commandments-style stone tablets containing detailed instructions to be placed in their mailboxes? Must an angelic apparition visit them one evening and explain the history of money to them over a glass of wine? It’s not going to happen!

Whether you see it as a theistic godsend or an atheistic opportunity of a lifetime, Bitcoin is here, NOW!

The answer to our tyranny problem, our poverty problem, wars, starvation – it’s sitting waiting for people to adopt it!

The instruction manuals are all freely available – the internet is littered with the writings and videos of crypto educators – a group of people with an abnormally strong passion for teaching and for sharing their knowledge. As one such educator I can assure you that I never turn anyone away, and I am only too keen to assist those who ask for my help. I wish more people would ask for my help!

Not in the entire history of mankind can I think of such a golden opportunity being made so freely available to all. To squander this opportunity is incomprehensible – it’s the ultimate in self-sabotaging actions.

I will not sit idly by and watch people complain about the world while they are the ones guilty of doing the same things over and over again, yet expecting different results. I get into many arguments each and every day, purely because I won’t let people get away with nonsense. I never go looking for trouble, there is so much of it around that it’s almost impossible for me to avoid it! (One day I’ll give up, flip my “off” switch and just ignore it all, but that day has yet to come. I hope it’s still a long way off.)

If you keep supporting fiat currencies, if you keep supporting political parties, if you keep listening to the narrative of the mass media – then your suffering is upon you!

You choose to suffer. You choose to support sociopathic megalomaniacs. You choose to listen to the propaganda.

You choose to remain just another sheep in the herd.


When the allies started to liberate the captured German territories, Hitler realised that most of his concentration camps would fall into enemy hands. A horribly cheap and efficient genocide had been executed under the orders of the Nazi war machine, yet tens of thousands of captive Jews remained alive in concentration camps, albeit in a state of poor health. What happened to them?

Hitler couldn’t just gas them, the gas chambers had been running at running at full speed – 3.2 million Jews had already been executed in them. You may not know this, but the gas chambers were manned by concentration camp inmates, Jews known as “Sonderkommandos” – men forced to clear away and burn the bodies on pain of their own execution if they failed to comply. The gas chambers couldn’t operate much faster than they already were, weak and defeated men can only work so fast. Hitler couldn’t simply shoot the Jews either, bullets were deemed to be too expensive and were in short supply. The gas chambers killed people with a chemical called Zyklon B, a cyanide-based rat poison which was first used on people during one of the despicable tests carried out at Auschwitz. They had to use the gas chambers because they were cheap and effective – with a capacity for murdering 20 000 people per day. But as the enemy drew even nearer, the order was eventually given to destroy the gas chambers and to try to erase any evidence of their existence.

So faced with an advancing enemy and no affordable way to implement his “final solution” – killing the Jews, Hitler’s SS once again ordered the Jews to march. This time they were to march westwards towards Germany, thereby preventing them from being freed and enabling them to be killed at a later date. You would think that perhaps the remaining Jews would have learnt from what happened previously, but sadly that was not the case. Now make no mistake, those who refused to march would have been shot, but they did significantly outnumber their escorting soldiers. And so, hopeful that complying with the authorities gave them a better chance than opposing them, the Jews marched again. Through snow and ice. Mostly without winter clothing, or even proper shoes. Once again they kept their heads down, not even daring to speak to one another because of the threat of being shot for doing so.

They could have fought against their captors, and they would have won on numbers alone, but they didn’t. Instead they died by other means: starvation, cold, exhaustion. They stayed with the herd. They told themselves that being a compliant member of the flock was the more comfortable and safer option. Those who escaped freezing, starvation, exhaustion or other more “natural” deaths were often shot anyway (an execution squad trailed the marchers to shoot any stragglers). They told themselves that this was the better option, that it was preferable. They listened to the authorities, they believed the story – even from their mortal enemy – and most of them refused to stick their heads out. Eventually tens of thousands of them died on these final “Death Marches”. Some were mass cremated in field in enormous pyres.
With their own children.

Never forget that either.

It’s not easy to stick your head out. It’s not comfortable and it doesn’t feel safe. But in the long-run, it is safer and it’s also the only way that you’ll ever be free of oppression.

There is no safety in the herd, only delusion.

Though they will never read this, my eternal thanks to Daphne (RIP) and Marie for sharing some of their encyclopedic knowledge of the English language with me so many Moons ago.
To all the great teachers out there “fake” or not: I salute you.

Please teach the kids about money…

Yours in crypto

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