Riding the Crypto Fantasy News Train


Bitcoin Perfect Storm?! Last Time PUMPED 237%!!! What’s REALLY Driving $BTC Price?!

BREAKING: Global BITCOIN Hysteria!!! $15k TARGET!? S. Korea & USA BULLISH AF! ?

JP Morgan – Dollar Doomed! Time to Buy Bitcoin! + SEC SHOCK Announcement!

Bitcoin Setting Up For A MASSIVE BULL RUN That Will Make 2017 Look Like A MoleHill

This Will Change Your Mind On Bitcoin. MASSIVE Amounts of Money Pouring In!

The Most Scary and Important Chart You NEED to See Right Now

Enjoy that? Me neither – this unfortunately is ‘the standard’ for current crypto news feeds particularly anything on YouTube. All the above titles date from last week and are all from sources I generally respect and find utility from (each has tens of thousands of subscribers). Lower down the crypto foodchain -hyperbole, fantasy, and flat-out lies dominate.

I have yet to see a piece of writing, political or non-political, that does not have a slant. All writing slants the way a writer leans, and no man is born perpendicular.
E.B. White

A perspective is inevitable but ‘OMG the End of Banking!’ is more demagoguery than argument.

What’s in a Title?

Well, it matters because step by step such hyperbolic titling wears down your natural skepticism feeding a bias…that little by little brings you into the realm of the unreal fantasist’ – CRYPTO SET TO CONQUER THE WORLD! Who knows perhaps it will but we’re looking at a process of decades, not months or years.

The catch-22 is that only a minority of content creators rise above this misleading nonsense. In the pursuit of viewers/readers/followers measured engagement is swapped for CAPS !!!! HUGE / AMAZING adjectives and a couple of ??.


This is low low brow stuff akin to girly mag newspapers such as The Sun. Do you trust the Sun?

It’s no doubt partly a symptom of the youthful/wild-west quality of the crypto landscape. Nonetheless, for new investors it is a minefield of irrational exuberance backed-up only by the written/spoken word – there’s very little behind most of this nonsense. A kernel of truth – sure but enough to be basing investment decisions on…..?

The more engaged you are with crypto the greater the struggle to remain grounded and focused on market principles and project fundamentals. Ironically most of the people responsible for this gutter level material loudly denounce the establishment, mainstream media, politicians and so on for ‘misleading’ the common man…

If these folks are willing to mislead you in the title -why trust anything they write/record/post at all?

Hopefully, as the space matures so too will the news feeds but I’m not holding my breath!

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