The Sunday Crypto Recap- Down the Rabbit Hole 50

Market indecision has been the hallmark of this week’s crypto volatility. Some Alts such as Link made significant moves but the sustainability of these price gains is entirely unproven. As usual, lots more than price discovery going on in this space.The Bitwise ETF was shot down as expected though the firmness of the rejection was perhaps a surprise. The IRS issued draconian tax guidance for US citizens and Bakkt trade volume picked up just a little bit.

Given that this is the 50th edition of this series it’s worth re-stating the goal it strives to achieve:

The purpose of this weekly series is to recap some of the interesting ideas and concepts across a wide range of disciplines which each and every week in crypto seems to throw up. This ‘learners paradise’ is a great space to explore but also asks a lot of those who delve into it.

Got a grasp on basic programming logic, how about Austrian economics, or quantum computing or precisely how hashing algorithms underpin blockchains? Taking a moment to reflect or recap on the recent concepts and ideas crossing the crypto landscape can be very beneficial whether you are a hardcore crypto enthusiast or just exploring a casual interest in the space.

It’s important to note that not every idea here reflects my own bias or opinion. If it’s here, it’s because it made me think.

Picks of the Week

This article on Bitcoin’s security. A forecast into 2020 and this irreverent discussion of BTC.


As you can see there really isn’t any basis to pursue crypto:

Bitwise ETF doomed from the start?:

Stacking sats seems to work:

Here’s what interest on 10 BTC amounts to (risk, risk, risk):

Binance needs to thread softly in China:

Nick Szabo on money/ evolution of the dollar (recommended);

EOS needs a well-tested backup plan:

Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the pain:

Tether skepticism is probably a reasonable position:


An examination of Bitcoin security with particular reference to block subsidies – follow link to download full pdf. (highly recommended):

Bitcoin as freedom:

Crypto may benefit from these recent government actions:

From crypto skeptic to convert:

More on Mixicles from Chainlink (may turn out o be important):

Features of EOSIO 2:

Central bank ‘stimulus’ programmes have real consequences for average people (recommended):

Even mainstream media is beginning to highlight te high-risk nature of current financial policies:


Rough around the edges – lots of profanity and slow to start (skip to 11:35) but full of thought-provoking perspectives on Bitcoin (highly recommended):


Looking into 2020 (highly recommended):

Decoding crypto transactions (highly recommended for folks new to crypto):

Hashing Algorithms and security simply explained dates from 2013 and just as relevant now:

Deep dive into Quant – thorough interview:

Clear, level-headed explanation of negative interest rates and their potential drawbacks:

More on the continuing need for the FED to ‘adjust’ repo rates:


Liquidity is king:

Website / Utility

One of the key figures of the genesis of crypto – Nick Szabo – his work is a literal treasure trove on crypto, money, and economics (highly recommended):

That’s a wrap. See you back down this wonderful crypto rabbit hole before you know it!

Note on Sources:

Twitter & Reddit (cryptos current meta-brains) / Medium / Trybe / Hackernoon / Whaleshares / TIMM and so on/ YouTube / various podcasts and whatever else I stumble upon. The aim is a useful weekly aggregator of ideas rather than news. Though I try to keep the sources current – I’ll reference these articles and podcasts etc. as I encounter them – they may have been published just a couple of days ago or in some cases quite a bit earlier.

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