The Sunday Crypto Recap – Down the Rabbit Hole 87

Short-term price action was bearish this last week. Broader economic issues remain with COVID-19 making a come back in the US. Doubtless, the FED et al will respond with further ‘stimulus measures’.Whether this bearishness turns into a full-blown retracement remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the conditions could scarcely be better for the long term value proposition that is BTC. Comment

Picks of the Week

Above all – Ray Dalio on the building blocks of an economy. This podcast discussing why BTC’s moment has arrived. While you are at it – this podcast outlining the inevitable and serious monetary debasement of current central bank policies. If you only have two minutes – this short explanation of why BTC matters as a vehicle of freedom. Finally, don’t miss this Jeff Booth interview on tech, deflation and Bitcoin.


Could there be a guiding trend here? (recommended):

This ‘recovery’ differs fundamentally from previous economic cycles:

The fulfillment of a ‘sly hope’ – BTC:

Dismissing BTC doesn’t have a great track record:

A roundabout but compelling BTC thread (highly recommended):

A thought before you go chasing DeFi projects/yield (recommended):

Yield farming – details matter:


BTC – hated by corrupt regimes the world over (highly recommended)

Blockchain analysis insights (highly recommended):

Making a contribution to BTC core – a journey (recommended):

Arguing that layer two will take much of the friction from using BTC:

The global economy needs BTC:

Yield farming and liquidity (recommended):

Crypto options market looks set to continue to grow:

Same old same old – more printing:


A wide-ranging discussion on BTC’s value proposition (highly recommended):

An analysis of current monetary debasement practices and the likely outcome of such policies (highly recommended):


BTC matters for human rights – two minutes (highly recommended):

A useful intro to Bitcoin for your nocoiner friends/relatives:

Jeff Booth on technology/deflation and BTC (highly recommended):

DeFi – a basic explanation:

A bullish take on Ethereum (recommended):

Comparing EOS to Eth 2.0:

First principles -Ray Dalio on the economy – 6 years old and just as relevant today (highly recommended):



Now you know:

Website / Utility

An excellent Bitcoin resource – covering a wide -range of mediums/formats (highly recommended):

I learned a lot this week – funny thing – I learned a lot the week before too. Until next week. As always looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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