Two Minute Crypto – Learner’s Paradise

Please click the link to listen to this installment of my crypto podcast ‘Two Minute Crypto’. These are intended to be short, single-topic ramblings on some aspect of the cryptosphere. Comments and critiques welcome.


Two Minute Crypto – Learner’s Paradise

Welcome to Two Minute Crypto – today I’d like to assert that crypto is a learner’s paradise but you need to bite deep of the apple to get the most out of it.

The cryptoverse – an appropriate title for all things crypto.

Of course, many people come to crypto for the money – the sniff of easy riches but I believe far more choose to stay not only because they are not yet rich but because they discover a deeply stimulating intellectual environment. There are so many crypto rabbit holes to rummage through and a dizzying array of disciplines from which crypto draws. Pure math, cryptography, computer science, macro and microeconomics, finance, sociology, politics, history, marketing, and philosophy – all are part of crypto. You simply cannot grasp the ‘idea’ and the ‘market’ without touching on all these areas of human endeavour and many more.

To the engaged crypto enthusiast every day is an ideas buffet. Sure, it’s a battleground of competing agendas and narratives– crypto-anarchist versus wall-street financier, Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash, centralized versus decentralized blockchains. Much is demanded of early crypto explorers but here’s the key point – we are explorers, it is uncharted seas we sail and so much more remains to be discovered than has been mapped. Decades from now – much of cryptos landscape will have been mapped out, apportioned and settled but now-now is the time of energetic discovery and we as pioneers stand to gain a great deal by sailing this turbulent sea of ideas.

And to be clear its ideas we are chasing – not daily price movements or even the fate of one project or the other. Aim high, challenge yourself – dive into fractals, and when you come for air, explore the ‘Austrian Economists’ then go back under and decipher ‘Ricardian contracts’ and on and on. Spending the next five years staring at charts and creating sectarian forum posts about pet projects would be a colossal missed opportunity to participate in, and learn from, the most intellectually stimulating movement of our time.

Thanks for listening.

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