And the Leaders Continue to Lead $LTC $EOS

Cryptocurrency is ripping higher today, likely due to the fact there are more buyers and sellers as price breaks through overhead resistance. I am sure Binance deposits being open again will be the media tale, but that is all it is, just a tale.

we have been on this move for months upon months and are still hammering hard. Accumulating from late 2018 to mid March 2019 has proven to be the right move. Resistance levels are being shattered and shorted are getting squeezed. It is good to see the media stay away and I am sure they will be coming back soon which will likely result in some healthy sideways action.

We have been on LTC and EOS the entire time, the entire move. Strength matters in these assets. You want to be in something that has been going up when the trend is turning up. Take a look a these charts below and you will understand what I mean. LTC and EOS both hitting YTD highs and 6-8 month highs here. Huge moves!

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