#Bitcoin and #Crypto is Bullish ABOVE 3350

I will be the first to admit that I am wrong when I am wrong. Overall, with this crypto bear I have been consistently right the entire time. The top in December of 2017 was beyond obvious when everyone was piling in late in the game. The entire 2018 year consisted of watching lower high after lower high and I stayed bearish the entire 80+% pullback from highs. It is in this area here that I have been monitoring for a Bottom. Is this THE BOTTOM? No one knows. But it is a start. Litecoin above is actually testing the 200 day MA. Anything above this MA should always be considered bullish until proven guilty. Watch this area. As for bitcoin…

You can see that bitcoin is continually being pressed here again. But the most recent igniting bar st 3350 is holding for now. This is a CRITICAL area for many reasons and this igniting bar being the most recent. Buyers showed up and made a stand here. Now they are holding it higher. You want to be long and in the blockchain space adding as long as bitcoin is above 3350 here.

Go after projects with a product! That is what I have been saying for 12 months!

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