Can Litcoin $LTC be a leader?

Of all of the major crypto charts right now, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and EOS, Litcoin is looking the most promising of them all. Many of them are hanging out at the lows from the past couple weeks after the initial boost, however Litcoin seems to be “grinding” higher.

You can see a possible parabolic trend beginning here from the Dec lows. So my question is, can LTC be A leader. It doesn’t have to be THE leader, just can it be A leader to lift crypto back off the mat. I have been a litecoin fan for a while not as well and actually rode the move from 40 to 300+. Now that crypto has fallen my targeted 80+% and am accumulating it back up. Crypto NEEDS a leader here, can Litecoin be it?

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