Crypto Rips Higher – $EOS Spikes 17%, $LTC 30%+

Crypto has awoken. About 2 hours ago after slowly creeping higher and higher, crypto has spiked. EOS and LTC are two that are really ripping higher as they have been the ones that have shown relative strength. Below is the chart of EOS and you can see, if this day holds, this may be quite the igniting bar to start a trend reversal higher in the intermediate term.

Believe me, there is A lot of work left to be done and this work will be done through TIME or PRICE. This is the first step and you can see that taking back 3.05-3.20 should cause the trendline break and start the squeeze to $4+.

I am accumulating EOS for the long haul and have been in the $2’s for quite sometime. I will continue for the foreseeable future here.

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